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Those who have attempted to excel in Chinese martial arts have had mixed results; it's not something you can pick up and be proficient in quickly. It's a lifestyle; it takes commitment and dedication to be successful. Could one who practices Kung Fu compete in the UFC?

For those committed to learning the subtleties of such an art, Wing Chun: Practical Introduction to Self-Defense provides a wealth of knowledge, with detailed forms and self-defense techniques, now available for those eager to take their training to the next level.

Mixed martial arts fighters in the UFC offer a broad range of techniques and specialties. Could a Kung Fu expert succeed if they enter the UFC?

Kung Fu in UFC

The martial art of Kung Fu, when practiced in its purest form, can be extremely detrimental to the body; it is even potentially deadly. Counterattacks can be executed in a swift and agonizing manner, resulting in broken arms, necks, and back.

In light of the potential damage inflicted by MMA, the most pristine form of art and skill are not allowed in competition. Would it be successful? Absolutely!

Kung Fu vs Karate

Kung Fu practitioners require a great deal of skill, discipline, and perseverance in order to become truly formidable opponents in battle.

This is Why Wing Chun is Ilegal in MMA

This Is Why Wing Chun Illegal In MMA

MMA is known for having strict rules when it comes to the martial arts that can be used in the ring, and this is why Wing Chun is not allowed. This martial art is not suited to the rules and regulations of MMA, making it illegal to use in the sport.

Attempting to hurry someone who has extensive Kung Fu knowledge to engage in a defensive stance with you is not recommended. With one slip-up, you could be rendered unconscious in a flash. A sharp blow to the neck would make it hard to breathe and leave you unconscious. It can be quite intense.

Explore the potent techniques and disciplined approach of Wing Chun in our e-book, which includes comprehensive strategies for self-defense, reflecting the true power of this ancient martial art.

Grappling in MMA

It is evident that an MMA practitioner can be a formidable opponent to a Kung Fu expert. That being said, they may possess numerous advantages due to their familiarity with certain regulations.

MMA's patchwork of styles can be a real hurdle for an experienced practitioner to overcome. It becomes more difficult to stay ahead of the game when the "vehicle" keeps regularly altering its features, such as color, size, and location.

Don't Mess With this Shaolin Monk

Don't mess with this Shaolin Monk

Combining Kung Fu, Jiu-jitsu and other martial arts can be disorienting for adversaries when they are attempting to predict the maneuvers of their opponent.

MMA fighters become veritable experts in Wrestling and Jiu-jitsu when taken to the ground, always studying the positioning of their adversary and watching for the ideal instant to overpower them.

Fighters in Mixed Martial Arts receive more recognition than people may think. When witnessing the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor, it can be amusing to watch.

Lyoto Machida

The comedic aspect of Kung Fu is not the main focus, it's the dedication and effort it takes to be perfected. Lyoto Machida made it possible for Karate to be accepted in MMA, leading to it now being a respectable and accepted martial art to be used by fighters in mixed martial arts.

It's reasonable to assume that Kung Fu practitioners, who have honed their bodies to withstand extreme conditions, would be formidable opponents in the ring.

Master the principles that could give a Kung Fu practitioner an edge in the ring with our e-book, featuring mindfulness breathing exercises and methods to deal with multiple opponents - essential reading for martial artists of all levels

Former Shaolin Monk is Crushing Opponents in MMA

Kung Fu in UFC

Kung Fu is not a simplistic form of combat; it's not just a series of jabs, punches, and kicks. Unlike Mortal Kombat, there are no shortcuts to be taken, such as a flying kick that would be possible with a cheat code.

Kung Fu requires accuracy and contemplation before action, whereas in MMA the more deliberate pace of those styles can be perilous during a match.

It's been used in the ring a few times before in the past by fighters such as Zhang Weili.


On August 31, 2019, Zhang Weili made history by becoming the UFC's first Chinese champion from Asia after knocking out Jessica Andrade in the opening minute of the first round at UFC Fight Night.



Tony Ferguson has displayed his dedication to Wing Chun Kung Fu, a form of Kung Fu from Southern China and Canton that achieved fame from Bruce Lee and Ip Man, on his social media. It's not out of the realm of possibility.

Tony Ferguson Wing Chun

The UFC featherweight rankings are quickly growing due to Zabit Magomedsharipov, who remains undefeated and is proficient in Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda/ Sanshou, and Wushu Kung Fu.

In spite of this, we should bear in mind that, despite being in the ring, fighters are still manipulating mixed martial arts techniques, not the authentic traditional martial arts forms.

Wing Chun in UFC / MMA

Wing Chun in UFC and MMA

To sum it up, a martial artist familiar with Kung Fu techniques would likely do well in a boxing match. Nonetheless, they would be at a disadvantage due to the physical limits of the sport. A surprise attack could be their downfall, which is all we wanted to share with you today.

Brutal Tv posted this video on their official Youtube Channel. Take a look.

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in real life if there is no boundary then MMA can not win Kung Fu.

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Oliver Thompson
What a showdown! Was glued to my screen all night. Kung Fu Monk's roundhouse kicks make Chuck Norris look liek a novice πŸ₯ŠπŸ˜… UFC, better start learning some Shaolin secrets! πŸ˜‰

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Sammy Huddleston
Oh boy, nothing beats a good old fashioned smackdown! Who knew monks could throw hands like that, huh? Just goes to show, don't mess with the peaceful ones, you might just get a roundhouse kick to the face! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Watch out UFC, the Shaolin squad is coming!

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Benjamin Frost
Whoa! It's like comparing apples to sumo wrestlers! Kung Fu Monk has the grace of a swan and UFC fighter, the power of a bulldozer. Who will win? Popcorn, anyone?

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Liam Goodwin
Wow, that Kung Fu Monk really kicked some serious butt! Guess he took the 'art' in martial arts to a whole new level! #MonkPower πŸ₯‹πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‚

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Benjamin Clark
Woah, watching this was like watching mashed potatoes spar with French fries – surprisingly tasty yet totally out-of-the-box! Kung Fu and UFC are both power punches, just delivered differently!πŸ₯‹πŸ₯Š

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