Wing Chun vs Kickboxing: Wing Chun wins

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Wing Chun vs Kickboxing

This is another from the "versus" series, this time starring Wing Chun vs Kickboxing. This is one of the most liked series when it comes to Wing Chun versus other martial arts.
Often, due to some performances, Wing Chun isn't seen as the best choice when it comes to real fights or competitions. The reality is that Wing Chun is a chinese boxing style as effective as one trains it.
As we always say it's not about the martial art, but about the athlete.

In The Video

As you can see, the athlete which practices Wing Chun is the one with white T-shirt. He manages well to respond to all attacks from his kickboxing partner and used a lot of kicks. What is interesting is that you wouldn't recognise his Wing Chun easily. In fact, his moves are very similar to those of the Kick Boxer. His guard also isn't that of what you traditionally see in Wing Chun but more of a real match guard.

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