MMA Saves Man's Life in a Street Fight

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We are not sure where this street fight took place but, judging by some details and clues present in the environment, it could easily be a not identified neighborhood in the United States. In the case that you liked this video, check out our other street fight videos, you will surely enjoy them as well.

A dangerous Street Fight

As it often happens when it comes to street fights, there's really not enough information about what happened and why quarrel started in the first place. Among many brawls that happen everyday all around the world, there are some of them that happen to be captured by luck by some cameras.
This is on of those cases where a security camera captures a random fight in front of a supermarket in the middle of the night.

MMA Saves Man's Life in a Street Fight

It seems like there's a dispute going on between a group of three people, in particular a girl seems to be very angry with a big man while her other two friends try to drag her away.
Since it's a surveillance camera tape, there's no way to know what the girl screams to the man that gets him turn around and approach her with a in a threatening way.
This is the exact point when our main character enters the scene and stands up for the strangers in need. Even though we are not sure that our defender really does use MMA, he surely uses a lot of strenght and manages to fight three angry guys at once, by himself.
Things get pretty rough when you train in your class, imagine on the street, during night against three big guys. What else is there to say if not stress how brave it was from him to get involved, and succeed too.

MMA Saves Man's Life in a Street Fight

In conclusion

It is not our will to encourage or to spread violence by any means. The purpose of this video is to inform our viewers about the dangers of partaking in dangerous and threathening situations like this one.
Ever situation is different, however when possible the best strategy when it comes to a street brawl is to do not take part unless it is really necessary.

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