"MMA Fighter" battles two revellers at once

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This video of the vicious street fight was uploaded by Daily Mail on their youtube channel, feel free to check it out!

This video was recorded at Ayia Napa in Cyprus by a local who says that fights like these are far from rare in this tourist location. Moreover, we have absolutely no idea who these guy are or what even made them start such a huge fight.

The "MMA Fighter"

"The MMA" fighter starts by slapping both of the guys with a Bud Spencer-like double slap which confuses both of them. However, the two guys probably felt like they did not had enough, so they both proceed to fight.

The white shirt guy tries to hit the angry fighter with some kicks: first one goes into nothing but the second one is very well taken by the defender. With his opponent's foot in his hands, the short guy decides to drag him violently by his foot. When the unfortunate kicker is on the ground, the short guy finishes him by slapping the soul out of his body.
As you can see in the video, the white shirt guy remains on the ground staining in blood for the rest of the video.

Secondly, and immediately after the incredible slap, the black shirt guy walks in with a brave punch, but oh boy - did he angered the guy. In the wake of absorbing his punch, the shirtless guy charges his offender in the air and proceeds by sapping him down on the ground.
As the black shirt guy tries to stand up again, he receives another burst of punches. Nevertheless he won't stand on his feet for long as the shirtless fighter proceeds to knock him to the ground for three times in row, given that the black shirt guy tried to fight back everytime he got up.

The video ends with the white shirt guy still laying on the ground, while the black shirt guy, getting out from the fight, goes to meet his fellow on the ground.

19 Feb 2021
Written by Fabio Di Lauro


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