About Us, the writers, and our site

Hello there! We are the Wing Chun Kung Fu writers!

We do our best to provide you with fresh and updated articles day by day.
The main purpose of this page is to present ourselves, explain you how we work and give you the possibility to ask us anything. It might be a question or curiosity as well as need of technical support.

How we work

Both of us are Wing Chun practitioners, so yes, we know what we are writing about. But as you know there are many lineages and styles in Wing Chun. It's not rare to witness that certain lineage presents itself as better than some others, if not even the greatest.


We are aware of these dynamics in the Wing Chun Universe.
It should be noted that we always try to go beyond the politics or the general chatter and focus only on the objective facts.
This site is not intended to honor the lineage we are following (Wong Shun Leung lineage). Quite the opposite. As a metter of fact our focus is to describe you the facts as much neutrally as it is possible. So, if you have ever seen our Versus Videos, you may have noted that no parts were taken. Only description of what can be seen.
It is our conviction that there's no such thing as the ultimate martial art, but an ultimate martial artist.

Non - violence

Especially this topic must be clear. We are absolutely against any act of violence. How does this coincides with publication of articles that deal with martial arts?
It's simple. As long as it is about organized matches or competitions, fighting and the possible wounds are understandable. At the end of the day, if you want to comprehend what skills or abilities you are lacking in or to simply test what you already know, a sparring can give you answers.
Videos where people defend themselves are also acceptable, since we want to drive our focus on what could (not) be done in dangerous situations.
Any content which has clearly the purpose to bring suffering or to injure someone is highly despised.

Who are the writers?

Now it's time to present ourselves so you can have an idea who is behind your favorite articles ever ;)

Fabio Di Lauro

Founder of the site and everything surrounding it, such as Facebook & Instagram pages and other services like our School Finder and Online Shop!
He started training Wing Chun in his 20ies, which gives him an experience of 12 years, more or less.
Initially he began practising marial arts like Karate, Muay Thay and Kick Boxing. Soon he discovered also Wing Chun and has tried different lineages. Ultimately, Wong Shun Leung's is the lineage that suits him the best till today.
He opened a school in Como, Northern Italy where he teaches and continues to study this lineage. If you'd like to discover more about his school, visit the website: Ving Tsun Como Offcial Site.

Fabio Di Lauro in Ving Tsun Como

Viktoria Holinkova

She is responsable for most of the articles that you've red.
Viktoria has also experience in martial arts.
Karate was the first martial art that she ever practised and after 5 years she obtained the black belt. While practising Karate Viktoria discovered also Wing Chun, since her father who has trained it for different years incouraged her to do give it a try.
So, she started to practise the Wong Shun Leung lineage and some years later she choosed to practice only Wing Chun.
Nowadays she is training at Ving Tsun Como too.

In conclusion

So, at least now you know who are the writers of you articles!
For any questions or help you can send us a direct message on our Social Media pages.
If you prefer, you can write us at: [email protected]
We will be more than happy to read your messages and to answer you.

Have a nice Wing Chun!

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