Utilizing Judo Abilities to Neutralize a Danger

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It can be difficult to discern who is standing before you and if they happen to practice martial arts - you may only discover it through your own experience. The security footage recorded the occurrence when a bully mistakenly chose the wrong individual to harass.

The security camera captured the moment a bully picked up the wrong person to mess with.

Does He Do Judo?

Judo Skills stop the threat

It is uncertain whether this person is a Judo practitioner or not, but it is evident that they possess some aptitude in wrestling.

The Wing Chun kung fu style is often compared to other martial arts forms, such as Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun. It is one of the few martial arts styles that focuses on close-range combat, making it unique in its approach.

It may be helpful to investigate the strategies employed by the defender when street fighting if you are interested in this type of encounter, in order to rapidly restrain and dominate the aggressor.

He was able to swiftly decrease the space between them, and after taking advantage of his positioning, he used his body weight to bring the perpetrator to the ground.

Remain Calm and Evaluate the Circumstances

When you're in a confrontation on the streets, it's essential that you remain composed. Making choices when under pressure can be hard, and fretting is not beneficial in terms of coping with the predicament.

It is not necessary to panic in such a situation and to immediately resort to fighting; steer clear of it if you can. Most of the time, avoiding the situation is the optimal response.

Wing Chun in Street Fight

Wing Chun in Street Fight

It is often not worth the effort and there could be health or legal repercussions. Nevertheless, every case is distinct and there is no definitive answer. Should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you have to engage in battle, try to be as tactical as possible.

Strategies to Utilize in a Conflict Situation

It is essential to keep in mind certain key principles if you are ever compelled to engage in combat:

Keep your hands up

Donnie Yen Ip Man 4

Keep your arms up: Moving them in an upwards direction can be beneficial when trying to defend against an attack and can also help you to make contact with the target.

Having the element of surprise is beneficial when considering a preemptive strike and it can be made easier by having hands that are difficult to detect.

It is important to remember, however, that utilizing this tactic in an actual altercation on the street is a very hazardous decision.

Multiple offenders: your position matters

Wing Chun in movies: Ip Man vs 10 black belts

When you are in the midst of an altercation with multiple people, it is important to not let them encircle you. Distribute yourself across the space to gain the upper hand and do not permit them to gain control. Make sure that you are facing each person individually.

Keep it Simple

Ip Man 3

Should you ever find yourself in a similar circumstance, bear in mind that this is not the most ideal time to attempt that spinning kick with a backflip that you had always wanted to wow your crush with.

Attempt to be straightforward, not overblown, and work to wrap up quickly. A person who attacks the street is significantly distinct from your training companion in the gym, which brings us to our final point.

The Only Rule is No Rules at All

Wing Chun in movies

The knowledge and principles of fair play and sportsmanship acquired in your dojo are invaluable when in the dojo.

In the outside world, the standard is that anything is permissible in order to achieve one's desired outcome.

This should not be taken as a prompt to become callous, but rather be aware that other individuals may have distinct standards than your own.

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Jerry D.
2021-10-29 18:33:17
Tai otoshi. That's the name of the judo throw. Nicely down. I would've followed up with some ground and pound, so skinny dude in black is lucky his face is still in one piece.

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