Wing Chun Vs Karate | Bare Knuckle Fight

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When talking about any martial art and its effectiveness, the crucial aspect of your training should definitely be stress testing. Let's take a look at the following Wing Chun vs Karate fight, shall we?

Wing Chun vs Karate

As it has been said many times in this community, and as every martial artist already knows, judging a martial art's effectiveness, or even comparing it with others, based on two practitioners isn't really accurate.

However, it is possible to speak about the practitioners, their reactions, and how much they actually do represent a specific style or if they use techniques of a determined martial art.

For example, in this specific case, we can talk about Wing Chun vs Karate since there are sufficient observable elements to determine what both practitioners are trained in. Take a look at the Wing Chun guy's stance for example or the short and dynamic moves of the karateka.

The Importance of Stress Testing

Is it really useful for our learning process to challenge masters and students of other Martial Arts? Obviously fighting and sparring activities increase awareness about one's skills and weaknesses.

Kung Fu Masters vs Karate | Don't Mess with Kung Fu Masters

Kung Fu vs Karate

Stress Testing might come in handy especially when you're lost and don't know which direction to go to improve. Consider also the possibility of recording yourself and, most importantly, staying open-minded to criticism from people who know their thing.

How to handle a fight

The most important aspect of handling a fight, in my opinion, is to keep your mind calm. Sparring and fights are typical stressful situations and it's not trivial to keep your mind clear and relaxed but this is the most important key factor in a challenge.

Breathing helps a lot to calm down and reduce the thoughts that crowd our mind and that lead us to agitate and, you know, if too many things are running through your head ... probably you are missing some important details in the present situation!

Have you ever challenged other martial arts masters or practitioners during your career? How do you feel about stress testing? Leave a comment and let us know!

This video was uploaded on Adi Darwis's Youtube Channel.

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2021-06-25 02:24:57
Judo would have ended every single match with a win even from a mid rank.

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