One Armed Boxer vs Wing Chun Master

Reading time: 1 minute

From Fight Commentary Breakdowns channel:

"We decided to take another look at the Xu Xiaodong 徐晓冬 event from 2018. There was a second match during this event that did not get as much publicity as Xu vs Ding Hao. We did cover the Xiong Chengcheng vs Yu Changhua match in our initial 2018 commentary, but we didn't really know much about Xiong Chengcheng until later. In this updated commentary, Jerry brings in Rob to commentate together and look at how a one-armed boxer dismantled a third generation direct Ip Man Wing Chun lineage "master." Let's see what Xiong does right and what Yu does wrong. Like always, leave your comments below and let us know what you saw!"

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