Wing Chun Man (172Lbs) Tests Little MMA Fighter (146Lbs)

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Let's give a look at this Wing Chun Man who accepted a challenge against a lighter MMA practitioner and let's see what's going on. Enjoy!

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Many things can be said about this Wing Chun practitioner, about his technique, approach, and preparation for the event overall. However, I'd just start by saying that he has my respect for going out there and testing his skills.
You see, nowadays it's much easier to find Wing Chun practitioners who do not challenge themselves and do not test out their skills. No judgment at all, doing a martial art doesn't mean that you necessarily have to go to the ring otherwise there's no meaning in it. No, in fact martial arts can be practiced even just for health manteinance and agility, or just as a personal hobby.

Jet Li wushu

If your goal is to become a resepctable fighter, or even "just" a self-confident person who knows how to defend themselves in a situation, than you should consider testing out what you've learned.

You may think that this is just basic logic, but it's not. Testing out yourself and putting your skills under stress might mean sparring with people from a different course, gym or even from a different martial art, why not? Anything in order to put yourslef under pressure in a safe environment just as a gym or dojo is. Or, like in this case, entering a competition.

Wing Chun Man

Yes, as you have seen our Wing Chun has been knocked out brutally at the end. But let's just start from the beginning, shall we?
Many people, mostly those who have no idea what Wing Chun is all about at all, would use this defeat as proof for saying that Wing Chun is useless. I won't cover this aspect in today's article, but I'll just leave you with my man Josh Kaldani, a MMA competitor famous for using Wing Chun. Don't believe my words, but his acts and K.O's.


Best Wing Chun KO in MMA - Josh Kaldani

However, Josh Kaldani isn't the only one to be known for using Wing Chun in combat sports competitions. There's also Silva, Ferguson.. you can check out these athletes in many articles and videos on our website. These are of course top tier athletes, and them using Wing Chun might just be enough of an argument.

However, as they can tell you, Wing Chun is not designed for competition or combat sports. In fact, these athletes do not enter the ring representing 100% Wing Chun, rather use the essential principles of it. And, by the way, what does it even mean or LOOK LIKE to use 100% Wing Chun? If you have seen some Ip Man movies and you think that Ip Man vs Miura is a good example of a realistic Wng Chun... spoiler alert: it is not. Sorry to tell you.


wing chun mma

Another important aspect is that pure Wing Chun, such as other martial arts designed for street self defense, are not allowed in competitions such as MMA. If you're interested in this topic, I suggest you the follwoing article.



Let's get back shortly to our Wing Chun Man, shall we?
I am nnot sure what lineage he is from, but I'd say something midway traditional and modern Wing Chun. There are many things that shocked me, as for instance his choice to have such a ridiculous form-like stance, which is not even a stance, but part of a form. Maybe he thought it would give him a more serious appearence, but it surely wasn't usefull, as he soon discovered by himself.

His attempt to do chain punches also made cringe a little bit to be honest. In my personal opinion, it just seems like he's focusing too much on appearing as a Wing Chun Man and a little bit less on the effectivness.
Again, I find it very brave of him to go out in a ring against a professional, and I sincerily hope that this experience have him enough inputs for improvement.

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