TU TENGYAO: The Wing Chun Master everyone is talking about

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Tu Tengyao is already a well-known name among the Wing Chun community all over the world. Famous in his sector for years in China, he has also captured a lot of attention in Europe and United States too.

This man needs no presentation anymore. In fact, by now almost every Wing Chun practitioner, or just a passionate, has seen at least one of his famous videos. Easily recognizable by the almost always same template and colors, he records himself in his school in Southern China.
We have already talked about him in our previous article where you can find more details about him.


Master Tu Tengyao true Wing Chun master?

As you can imagine, he gained a lot of attention and it's hard to say if positive or negative. However, the Wing Chun community alone has reacted pretty positively I'd say. Tu has brought back a more aggressive and determined perspective of Wing Chun. In fact, this martial art is, unfortunately, regarded by many people as a soft and traditional ensemble of movements and some chain punches. The true essence of Wing Chun couldn't be farther away from being lazy and full of useless movements. Somebody refers to Wing Chun as Chinese boxing.


tu tengyao

The beauty of his approach lies exactly in bringing back the aggressive, effective, simple, and yet very elegant essence of this incredible martial art, restoring its dignity. I wouldn't say that he's proposing a new version of Wing Chun, but rather repurposing the original way it was designed. Don't forget that Wing Chun was used by many skilled martial artists in real street fights.

Bruce Lee and the Master that he couldn't defeat

Wong Shun Leung, one of the best Yip Man's students, used to be known as the King of Talking Hands. He would put his Wing Chun to the test directly where he needed it the most, in the streets. In one of his interviews, Wong remembers how he used to train Bruce Lee and also support him during these encounters, in which Bruce also participated to sharpen his skills.

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