The Kung Fu Shaolin: Episode 1

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The Amazing Skills of Shaolin Kung Fu

Monk Shi Yan'ao shares his unique view of the Shaolin way and gives us some introspection about a particular aspect of the training: Yijinjing.
Yijinjing is the ensemble of forms
Not everybody is a suitable candidate to be a Shaolin Monk. In fact, the best candidate is one that has been already training in martial arts for at least 20 years. Only then Shi Yan'ao's teachings can be passed little by little to his students.

The passion and determination of the students and monks really show when we consider what skills they end up developing. The video shows some of the most incredible exercises that these amazing athletes practice daily and what they are really able to do. It seems like nothing can stop these warriors, even the laws of nature. Can you believe that?

Shaolin Monk Runs Atop the Water for 118 Meters

shaolin monk runs atop water

It's hard not to appreciate this level of dedication, isn't it? What is even more important to dwell on, in my opinion, is the idea that Shaolin Kung Fu is a martial art end in itself. In fact, this idea is generally widespread among people who prefer combat sports to martial arts. This subject is a separate topic, and it's not our main focus today. instead, I'd just like to show you some practical applications of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Monk vs Muay Thai | EPIC MATCH

Shaolin Monk vs Muay Thai | Epic Match

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