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Shaolin Kung Fu, and above all Shaolin Monks, are surrounded by great charm and mystery.
They're extremely fascinating for many reasons, among which their dedication to very tiring training and their consecutive amazing skills are just one of few.
However, times have changed and the internet and social media have reached even the most remote parts of the world, among which also the Shaolin community. What would happen if such remote and old traditions would be confronted with new martial arts?
One monk has asked himself the same question, and he answered it for us too.
This is Shaolin Monk vs Fighters from different martial arts, MMA included.

This video was uploaded by Boxe For You on their official YouTube channel. Don't forget to check them out!

Shaolin Monk vs Fighters

The fact that Shaolin monks are actually valiant warriors and martial artists is no longer a secret.
In the last few years, many documentaries have been recorded about their lifestyle have been recorded. Everything about them seems just so fascinating, isn't it? Their lifestyle, their extreme dedication to intense training...all of that have been recorded and shared worldwide.
However, I don't know about you but personally, I am very skeptical when it comes to "superhuman" skills. I'm not saying that I don't believe it, that would be prejudice. Let's just say that, sometimes, all I need is that little bit extra of proof that will make it work for me.

So, I just went out online searching for proof, and it didn't take me long to find exactly what I was searching for.
Did you know that there are many Shaolin monks (or former Shaolin monks) who are fully committed to combat sports? I was shocked, and even more when I saw how skilled they are.
Check out Xie Wei, aka "The Hunter" and tell me he's not good. Following, a quick link to the article with a video of his training and matches.


Shaolin Monk

However, luckily I'd say, he's not the only one.
The monk in the first video of the article is called Yi Long and he's a self-trained Shaolin Monk. Many criticize him for calling himself a monk while, officially, he is not.
Well, in my opinion, his skills, his victories, and even the fact that he trained himself into a such warrior, the fact that he isn't officially a Shaolin Monk makes no difference.
Just watch him go into what was called "The Fight of the Century":


Yi Long Shaolin Monk

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