Wing Chun Master Flores vs MMA | Knockdown in 47 Seconds

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Pierre Flores is not a new name when it comes to the Wing Chun Universe. In fact, his commitment to reclaiming traditional efficient martial arts has made him notorious. Here, Master Flores stands vs an MMA student who challenged him.

Master Flores

Flores is a proud student of Grandmaster Nam Anh, who gave him the mission to spread a Kung Fu style exclusively taught by him - Pak Mei. In fact, if you're thinking that his Wing Chun is not "pure", that's the reason behind it.

Master Pierre Flores became known after several of his martial arts encounters went viral in the last 5 years. But not only he exchanges with other martial arts masters, but he also seems really dedicated to testing his thing out.

Wing Chun vs Karate: Brutal KO

Wing Chun vs Karate

Flores is one of the few practitioners who, at least publicly, is available to challenges and to test his skills. Despite that, he was criticized mainly because of the size and age of the opponents he spars with.

However, he seems to be willing to step out of this comfort zone, since he later challenged the well-known MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong in front of the fighter's old gym.

"The way he does it is wrong. It is not right to assume that all martial arts are fake. That is a mistake of Xu Xiaodong. There are good and bad things, but you can't equate them all" says Pierre. (source)

Wing Chun Master Pierre Flores Challenges MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong to claim back Credibility to Wing Chun


Master Flores vs MMA

The video above was uploaded by Nam Anh Kung Fu School's official Youtube Channel. As said previously, Nam Anh is Flores's Grandmaster who taught him Wing Chun and Pak Mei Kung Fu.


As it is explained, the young Kickboxer challenged Pierre Flores to an exchange in the ring under Kickboxing Rules. So, no knees or elbow strikes, and groin and eyes strikes are denied too.

In the case of a knockdown or a takedown, the match would be resumed immediately.

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