Wing Chun Master Pierre Flores Takes on MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong: Will Wing Chun Regain Its Credibility?

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Wing Chun Master Pierre Flores Takes on MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong: Will Wing Chun Regain Its Credibility

In the last few years, Pierre Flores has become popular online after taking on a number of martial artists, with outcomes that have varied. His purpose is to restore the credibility of traditional martial arts. Similarly, Xu Xiaodong is attempting to expose phony traditional teachers. As such, Flores takes on the MMA combatant in a challenge.

Pierre Flores takes on MMA Fighter

After his 10-second victory over a Tai Chi Master, Xu Xiaodong has extended an invitation to all traditional martial artists. Having already overcome a Karate Black Belt in Vietnam, the Canadian Wing Chun expert boarded a plane to China to face the contentious Xu. When he arrived, Pierre presented himself at the MMA fighter's previous training facility.

Wing Chun vs Karate

"I accept this challenge and that's why I'm here," Flores said. "Xu Xiaodong not only defeated Wei Lei, the Tai Chi master but he beat up many masters of Wing Chun."

Xu Xiaodong

"So Wing Chun has lost some credibility because of this, but you cannot judge because of a few bad apple masters a whole system."

Pierre Flores

"He's a very brave warrior, and I know him because I watch his training, he's just like a lion," Flores said of Xu. "But there's a saying in Vietnam: "before you get into the battle, know yourself, and know your opponent. When you do, you know the result of the battle."

Resolute to Engage in Conflict

Last July, Flores traveled from Vietnam to China with the aim of engaging in a match with Xu Xiaodong, otherwise known as Mad Dog. When Flores got to the MMA Fighter's gym, Xu was not there. Nevertheless, Pierre still made it clear that he was intent on having the fight.

Pierre Francois Flores challenges Xu Xiaodong

"And I know Xu Xiaodong, and I know myself and I know what's gonna be the result. That's why I'm here. To prove to Xu Xiaodong there are many other Wing Chun versions to face, and I am only one of the many."

Xu Xiaodong and Wing Chun Master

The past few years have seen Xu's words and actions land him in a lot of difficulties in his homeland, one instance being the decrease of his social credit to the lowest point. This basically means he is barred from taking advantage of high-speed public transport, reserving rooms in star-rated hotels, and various other services.

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