MMA VS Wing Chun - Xu Xiadong aka "Mad Dog" did it again!

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MMA VS Wing Chun

MMA VS Wing Chun...
This one is a widely discussed topic from the dawn of time, with heated opinions about any aspect possible: for some people, MMA demonstrates well the inefficiency not only of Wing Chun but of all traditional martial arts. Others instead point fingers at Xu Xiaodong's brutality (apparently)... we could go on listing opinions and arguments for hours.

Let's get straight to the point: is it really about martial arts? OR, is it about the athletes/ masters/ practitioners?
It's too easy to generalize and keep repeating that Wing Chun is not as efficient as Mixed Martial Arts. What kind of Wing Chun?
You see, Wing Chun has many lineages and many approaches to combat. This is mainly due to the fast-growing spread of Wing Chun schools all around the world after Ip Man's and other oldest students' death.
Unfortunately, the big part of Wing Chun nowadays is closed in its bubble, with self-proclaimed Masters who can get beaten up easily.

A new objective point of view

We've just written an article talking specifically about this problem in the Wing Chun community:
In-depth Study of Wing Chun VS other Martial Arts
If you're somehow interested to discover more about this topic and going beyond what you already know, this is a good one.


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