Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Discuss How Quick Bruce Lee Was - A Honest Conversation

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Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung know how Fast Bruce Lee really was

Greetings! We're delighted to have you back! Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan are going to tell us a story about Bruce Lee and his speed.
In this video, they will be responding to the inquiry: "How Quick was Bruce Lee?"

Sammo and Jackie have been friends for a long time and have collaborated on numerous movies. Furthermore, the trio of Sammo, Jackie, and Yuen Biao is still looked back on fondly by many.

Jackie Chan and Sammo hung

Coming back to the matter at hand, why is their opinion of Bruce so relevant? There have been some who raised questions about the accuracy of his abilities in the movies. This is a valid point. But there are many accounts from people who have been in contact with him or even trained with him, such as Sammo and Jackie, that can provide insight.

Both have filmed scenes with Bruce and they are highly formidable martial artists. Therefore, what they have to say about Bruce holds a lot of weight.

An Interview with Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung in Enter the Dragon

An opportunity to converse with the legendary actor and martial artist, Sammo Hung, was presented.

At the interview, Sammo remembered his first encounter with Bruce. The latter was simply touring Hong Kong, when he dropped by the set Sammo was shooting on. After being formally introduced, the conversation quickly rose to Bruce's speed, and Sammo wondered if it was true or just a special effect due to the lack of social media back then. He had never seen Bruce Lee before.

Sammo put it right to Bruce and questioned if the rumors were true about his velocity. Without a moment of pause, Bruce saw fit to prove it and promptly showed Sammo. In Sammo's description, he was only halfway through his kick and Bruce's foot was already smashing against his face. At the conclusion of the story, Sammo affirmed the truth of Bruce's speed.

An Interview with Jackie Chan

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

In a recent interview, Jackie Chan opened up about his life, career, and his thoughts on the entertainment industry. The renowned actor and martial artist discussed his early beginnings and how he developed his style of action comedy.

Chan also shared his views on the changing face of the business and how he believes it's important to stay true to yourself. The star concluded by talking about his future projects and how he hopes to continue to entertain audiences around the world.

Jackie recounted the time he initially had the opportunity to interact with Bruce Lee. It happened on the set of Fist of Fury when Jackie was invited to perform a challenging stunt that required him to leap through a window. Being an ideal candidate for the task due to his physique being similar to that of a Japanese man, he accepted the invitation. Consequently, he and Bruce Lee were working side-by-side.

Jackie is more passionate about his recollections of Bruce's speed than Summo. He expressed that Bruce moved so quickly that if you turned your head away for a moment, you would have missed his kicks.

It's hard to believe that Bruce wasn't talented in this area, after Jackie's testimony. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Bruce had some impressive speed.

This video was published by Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central on his official YouTube channel, so don't forget to check out his other videos.

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