Enter the Dragon (1973) Cast: Then and Now [49 Years After]

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Hello there, welcome back!

In this video, you'll see how the Enter the Dragon Cast changed. You'll discover their real names and age, I will show you how they looked back in 1973 and what's with them now in 2022.

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The following article is the transcript of the video above.

Enter the Dragon Cast

Roper is a fairly wealthy person, who has a weakness for gambling but doesn't always know how to stop on time. He knows how to fight well, and was one of the invited fighters to the Tournament Han. Played by John Saxon who died in 2020 of pneumonia.

Williams is well-versed in fighting techniques and is a rather researched person who will not use his skills unless absolutely necessary. Has a lush African-American hairstyle. The role is performed by Jim Kelly who passed away from cancer in 2013.

jim kelly

Tanya works for Han and at the time of the tournament organized the meeting of fighters. She looks spectacular and knows how to behave politely and tactfully. The rule is performed by Ahna Capri who died in 2010, following the effects of a car accident.

Han served in the Shaolin monastery in the past, but violated his precepts and became involved in illegal business, including drugs. He has a prosthetic arm that can turn into a deadly weapon. Played by Kien Shin who died of kidney failure in 2009.

Oharra is Han's personal bodyguard. He is not compassionate and clearly follows the instructions given by the boss skillfully. Owns martial arts and is characterized as a hearty and strong fighter. He has a scar on his face. The role was played by Robert Wall.

Su Lin
Su Lin is Lee's sister. She had good fighting skills and, if necessary, could repulse the offender, or even resist the gang, disorienting him for a while. She committed suicide so as not to fall into the hands of Han's people. She was portrayed by Angela Mao.

angela mao

The secretary works for Mr. Roper and often accompanies him to meetings, not only within the office but also tense golf games. sShe is a polite girl who is a good specialist and behaves confidently. She likes to wear rings. The role is performed by Marlene Clark.

Hood worked for Freddy and his main task was to knock out large sums from debtors. He is a self-confident type who is not used to renting, but speaks clearly, and goes to the point. He wears a mustache and has a dimple in his chin. The role is performed by Pat Johnson.

Shaolin Abbott is Lee's teacher who is at the head of the monastery. He is endowed with deep wisdom, honors the covenants and it's important for him to defend the honor of their monastery. Played by Roy Chiao who died of a heart condition in 1999.

Lee is a resident of the Shaolin Monastery, where he serves as a mentor. He has a lean but toned well-trained physique and is also a skilled fighter. Not used to putting things off until later. Played by Bruce Lee who died in 1973 from cerebral edema.

jackie chann and bruce lee

Tournament Fighter
The tournament fighter was one of those trained in the fighting school on Han island. He has a presence and did not miss a single workout. Able to respond quickly to given instructions. Played by Ching-Ying Lam who passed away in 1997 from a liver tumor.

Hood is one of Freddy's people who is often sent to collect the depth and also be the person, thus teaching a lesson for the future. Usually doesn't work alone but performs the task as part of a team of three people. The role was performed by Darnell Garcia.

darnell garcia

Thug in Prison
The thug in prison (Jackie Chan) is one of Han's people who is in charge of guarding his illegal activities. He is not used to retreating or fleeing and may welcome the aid of colleagues. Possesses good martial arts skills but not enough compared to Lee.

Jackei Chan

Tournament Fighter
Tournament fighter (Tony Liu) is distinguished by focus and good fighting technique. He can make fast and fairly strong blows, not only with his hands but also with his feet. He dresses exclusively as required by the rules of the competition, namely in keikogi.

Ship's Mate
The ship's mate works on a ship that carries out various kinds of crossings including to Han island. He clearly knows his duties and how to behave on the water. He doesn't dare to argue with the passengers, even if they act too rudely with him. Played by Hoi Mang.

Ohara's Crew
Ohara's crew was trained at the Han martial arts school and also takes part in competitions organized by him. He is used to following discipline. He knows how to maintain maximum concentration and has well-placed fighting techniques. He was played by Wilson Tong.

Lao, lee's student, is one of the inhabitants of the Shaolin Monastery where he learns martial arts. He is still very inexperienced and often makes emotionless strikes in training, for which he does not infrequently receive a scalding from his mentor. Played by Wei Tung.

Han Traitor
Han traitor was stationed permanently on the secluded Han island and served as a guard, patrolling the palace grounds. He possesses some fighting techniques and wears nunchucks with him on duty, although he doesn't know them well enough. Played by Ming Tsai Wu.

Tournament Fighter
Tournament fighter, who was lucky enough to be among the other participants in the competition, which is organized by Han every three years. He sufficiently knows the technique of combat and the correctness of striking. The rule was performed by Wuah Yen.

Guard is subordinate to Han doing the work that he is assigned. In addition to acting as a security guard, he also took part in the competitions themselves and was one of the students of his boss's fighting school. Differs in devotion. He was played by Bun Yuen.

Party Guest
The party guest was invited to Han island on the day the fighters arrived. She's a pretty girl with blonde curly hair and a slender figure, which she knows how to successfully emphasize with clothes. Pearl of the party. The guest was played by Linda lee Cadwell.

Bolo is one of the hun's bodyguards, and is also a participant in his tournament. He is distinguished by strong and cruel fighting techniques, which on the command of Han can kill a person. He has a powerful physique but is not too pumped. He was played by Bolo Yeung.

Shaolin Fighter
The Shaolin Fighter (Sammo Kam-Bo Hung) lives in a Monastery and practices martial arts. He has trained with Lee more than once but, in skill, he is significantly inferior to him. He has a slightly corpulent physic but is quite agile and able to do back flips.

Han Traitor
Han traitor completes Han's assignment and makes regular bypasses around the boss area. At work, he can be seen wearing a beach keikogi with a chest patch on the left side. He is unable to repel an attack from a more skilled fighter. The role is performed by Fat Chung.

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