Wong Shun Leung: The King of Talking Hands 講手王

Reading time: 1 minute

The first in it's kind, a feature documentary based solely on the life of a Great Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung. spoken in his own worlds with recollections of the famous martial artist Bruce Lee and Kung Fu legends Leung Jan and Ip Man. *Exclusive, never before seen footage of WSL*

Including interviews from his son Johnathan Wong and his fellow classmate Tong Jo Chi [ Ronald Tong] ] Directed & Produced by Wang Zhi Peng (in cooperation with Chinese State Television) Edited & Translated by Jai Harman Special thanks go to: Jonathan Wong [ Wong Shun Leung's Eldest Son ] Tong Jo Chi [ Student of Ip Man and junior classmate to WSL ]

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