Michael Louison explains chi sao techniques

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Si Fu Usamah Michael Louison dedicated most of his life doing Wing Chun having a variety of teachers in the past. He has managed to find a balance in his life through both his martial arts and his religion Islam which is a way of life. He is an exceptionally good-natured man, whose calm nature prevents him from letting negativity gain a foothold in his life and his way of teaching. louison group Sifu Louison incoporates the physical and mental aspects of Wing Chun to bring out the best in his students. Teaching Muslim and Non-Muslims all in the same class, watching them step by step. He teaches by looking for the best in students character.   It is very essential point in Sifu Louison's method of teaching that when students are practicing, they should learn how to work together in harmony with each other.

source: wingchunart.co.uk

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