"Xu Xiaodong beat me only because I'm a Vegetarian"

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Xu Xiaodong beat me only because I'm a Vegetarian

In the case of martial arts charlatans who are handed crushing defeats by Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong, food seems to be the excuse of choice.

It was said by Ding Hao's Sifu that his crushing defeat at the hands of Xu in 2018 was due to not being sufficiently fed prior to the match, as he was hungry.

Recently, Lu Gang, a supposed specialist in Wing Chun Dim Mak (pressure point), was defeated in a very short time by "Mad Dog" and he is attributing it to his vegetarianism.
Following is a quick video of the match in case you didn't catch it:

Despite being knocked down three times and having his nose broken, the referee had to step in, but this was mainly due to Lu's regular fasting which caused him to be off his game.

"I Lost because of my Diet"

Lu recently posted on a Chinese social media platform that he only consumes approximately 20 meals in a month since he is a vegetarian; as a result, he is in a state of malnutrition. However, the link between vegetarianism and fasting is left to ponder...

Lu stated, according to a translation by Jerry Liu of the YouTube channel Fight Commentary Breakdowns, that he did not have enough physical bulk to battle Xu because he was too thin.

A Chinese Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitor has stated that they desire to take revenge on fake Kung Fu masters.

At the time of their fight, Xu was carrying a weight of 100lbs (45 kilograms) more than Lu. Lu confidently asserted that his Wing Chun methods would be too difficult for Xu to manage and that he could deliver strikes with more strength and speed than the 41-year-old.

"Basically, I'm just like Bruce Lee"

Lu declared his velocity was faster, asserting he was far more nimble and adept than his adversary. He likened his expertise to that of the late Bruce Lee.

He spoke animatedly, "Dim Mak has become a part of me. It's like lightning - fast and spontaneous. Just like Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. I often don't even know what I'm going to execute with Dim Mak."

The victorious hand of Xu Xiaodong was raised after he won the fight against Lu Gang, in which his opponent's nose was broken.

The YouTube commenters were not very forgiving of Lu and his latest excuse, and many of them made jokes at his expense.

It is apparent that the so-called "Wing Chun Master" is a prime illustration of the saying "you are what you eat", as one user commented, "at this point, he is evidently a vegetable."

Another person commented that "It's possible for both vegetarians and vegans to gain weight," and then added, "I think the reason his loss was due to his lack of skill in combat."

A fellow user jested, "All the Wing Chun master would have needed was a plate of chicken fried rice, and he'd have been alright!"

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