Wing Chun vs Russian Sambo in MMA

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Wing Chun vs Russian Sambo in MMA

MMA nowadays is vastly different from what it used to be, with fighters having to be well-rounded in their techniques instead of relying on just one style. This video is a tribute to the old days of MMA where one-style fights were more common, and it's still interesting to watch. This fight was between a Russian Sambo practitioner and a Wing Chun fighter happened in Taiwan.

Russian Sambo


Sambo is a Russian martial art that combines wrestling, striking, throws, and locks while Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art that focuses on close-range combat.

About Wing Chun

Wing Chun

Wing Chun, is a Chinese martial art that dates back to the 1600s and is still practiced today. It is known for its simplicity, efficiency, and directness, which are all attributes of its close-range combat system. Wing Chun focuses on the utilization of the body's natural structure and movement to maximize power and control.

Wing Chun vs Russian Sambo

Wing Chun and Russian Sambo are both traditional martial arts, but each has its own unique principles and techniques. Wing Chun is an ancient Chinese martial art that focuses on close-range combat, using quick strikes and blocks to overwhelm an opponent. On the other hand, Russian Sambo is a modern form of martial arts, developed in the early 20th century by the Soviet Army. It is a combination of judo, wrestling, and other martial arts.

The video below will show who wins between the two fighters, with the Sambo guy wearing white and the Wing Chun guy in black.

Difference in Focus

Is Wing Chun Effective

When comparing Wing Chun and Sambo, the main difference lies in their origin and focus. Wing Chun is more of a traditional, close-range combat system, while Sambo is a more modern, sport-based martial art. Wing Chun relies on quick strikes and blocks, while Sambo utilizes more grappling, throws, and submissions.

Another difference between Wing Chun and Sambo is the type of attacks and defenses used. Wing Chun relies on quick strikes, blocks, and parries to overwhelm an opponent, while Sambo utilizes throws, locks, and submissions to put an opponent off balance. Wing Chun also has a softer style of combat, relying on redirecting an opponent's force rather than using brute strength, while Sambo focuses more on using physical strength to overpower an opponent.

Different Origins

Russian Sambo Origins

Wing Chun vs Sambo is also different in terms of history. Wing Chun was first developed by the Shaolin Monks in China more than 300 years ago, while Sambo was created by the Soviet Army in the 1920s. Wing Chun is known for its efficiency and economy of motion, while Sambo emphasizes speed and agility.

When comparing Wing Chun and Sambo, it is important to note that both are effective martial arts. Wing Chun is an ancient, traditional martial art that emphasizes close-range combat, while Sambo is a modern, sport-based martial art. Each martial art has its own unique principles and techniques, and it is up to the individual to decide which one is best for them.

The video above was uploaded by Fight Commentary Breakdown on their official Youtube Channel.

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