Wing Chun vs Judo In MMA Match - Qi La La vs Xiao Chun Yao

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Just as fire and ice cold water, could there be two martial arts that differ so much from each other? Wing Chun vs Judo is an interesting match for many reasons, but first, let's watch the video:

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Wing Chun vs Judo

First things first, we really have to spend some words on this unique combination of martial arts.
In fact, these two martial arts indeed have some similarities, but essentially they work best on two different levels. This mirrors also the purpose for what they were designed.
Wing Chun was designed for quick and definitive self-defense responses in a close-range space. For this reason, also, ground fighting and grappling are not really covered in Wing Chun. The last form of Biu Jee explains and gives indications on how to handle similar situations. But it was mainly designed for a very quick and definitive response, as to say that it's best if you finish your opponent on your feet, not on the ground.

On the other hand, Judo is quite the opposite. There are some basics for fighting on feet, but a Judoteka's dangerous skills appear when you hit the ground. It goes without saying that a judoka will do anything in his force in order to get you down on the ground.

Wing Chun vs Judo in Qi La La vs Xiao Chun Yao MMA match

This is exactly what was going on for the whole match. Qi La La was strong while he was on his feet and managed to deliver some serious damage to his opponent. On the other hand, Xiao Chun Yao's main focus was to put Qi La La on the ground, where he ruled.

Qi La La

Wing Chun is in many ways similar to boxing. Of course, it's different: instead of a hook, there's the classic centerline punch and many others. What makes Wing Chun such a great pairing with box or kickboxing are the concepts.
This is hugely discussed in the Wing Chun community and not only: there's a big misunderstanding when it comes to Wing Chun. Many people expect a Wing Chun being used in a fight or match to look like "straight outta Donnie Yen stuff". Those films are cool, of course, but the reality is different.
There are some Wing Chun basic concepts that make this martial art so great and versatile.
This theme was discussed widely and in a very detailed way in the following article. So, if you're interested in getting to know more about it, feel free to check it out.


Wing Chun in a Real Fight

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