Wing Chun vs Boxing explained by Master Wong Shun Leung

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"So, you train Wing Chun right? Then tell me, how do you dodge those boxer punches?" Does it sound familiar to you? It might be since it is e very discussed subject. Therefore here's aΒ Wing Chun vs Boxing explained by Master Wong Shun Leung.

To start off, Wong Shun Leung brings our focus on a typical boxing attitude, that is dodging. On the contrary, in Wing Chun, you'll never see dodging. It's not like box got it wrong, but these martial have different purposes.

In Boxing, there are many rules, and you can punch with only certain parts of your fist. Wong Shun Leung says that that's already a game purpose since there are no rules in real fighting. In Wing Chun, the best way for a punch is the shortest. You have to economize every movement. So if for example, you reload your punch a lot, it's only a waste of time. He compares this theory to that of Bruce Lee's one-inch punch.

Also, Wong Shun Leung says that no matter how quickly you dodge, your movement of the head will never be as fast as a punch.

In conclusion, this was just a brief summary of Wong Shun Leung's lesson translated by his colleague. If you wonder who's that student that Wong is demonstrating on, you got it right - Philipp Bayer. Don't forget to check him out too!

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