Wing Chun Master Chris Collins refuses to Teach Wing Chun to the US Army

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Wing Chun Master Chris Collins refuses to Teach Wing Chun to the US Army

Wing Chun is an ancient Chinese martial arts style and one of the most popular martial arts in the world. It is known for its close-quarters combat and strong defense techniques. The style has been practiced for centuries and has been popularized in the West by movies such as Ip Man and its sequels.

One of the most prominent Wing Chun masters is Chris Collins, who has starred in Ip Man 4 and other movies such as Paradox. In this article, we will discuss why Chris Collins refused to teach Wing Chun to the US Army and how this decision has impacted his life.

Chris Collins the Wing Chun Master

Chris Collins is a Wing Chun master and actor. He has been training and teaching Wing Chun for over 10 years. In addition to teaching Wing Chun, Chris has also starred in a number of Wing Chun films and television series. His most notable role was as Karate Master in the movie Ip Man 4. In the movie, he is seen fighting Donnie Yen, the lead actor, and getting beaten up in the process.

In the Movie, he lost to Donnie Yen, but he is a Wing Chun Master

In the movie he lost to donnie yen but he is a wing chun master

Despite his on-screen persona, Chris is actually a talented Wing Chun master. He has trained with Leung Ting and Cheng Chuen Fu and has a deep understanding of this Wing Chun Lineage. He is also known for his unique approach to teaching Wing Chun, which combines traditional techniques with modern applications. Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge of Wing Chun with others and has been teaching classes for many years.

Chris Collins starred as Karate Master in the movie Ip Man 4

Chris Collins with Scott Adkins in Ip Man 4

Chris Collins gained international fame for his role in the movie Ip Man 4. In the movie, he plays the role of a Karate master who is beaten up by Donnie Yen, the lead actor. Despite the fact that he gets beaten up in the movie, Chris is actually a skilled Wing Chun master.

Chris has been training and teaching Wing Chun for many years and has gained a deep understanding of the lineage he was taught. In the movie, Chris is seen using his Kyokushin Karate skills to fight Donnie Yen, and although he gets beaten up, he still manages to put up a good fight.

Chris used to be in the Marines where he started to teach Wing Chun

Before becoming a famous Wing Chun master, Chris was enrolled in the US Army. During his time in the Marines, Chris began teaching Wing Chun to other Marines. In the interview, Chris states that what started just as some exchanges with his team quickly gained popularity.

Chris was offered a place as a Wing Chun instructor in the US Army

Chris Collins Wing Chun Master

Chris actually started to teach Wing Chun to his team, and once his teachings gained popularity among his colleagues the word started to spread and he began to expose Wing Chun to other platoons too. However, the teaching stopped soon since they were called up for war.

Once he returned, he had to choose if he wanted to re-enlist or continue with another path. His sergeant of that time was very supportive of his Wing Chun training at the time and offered him a program in which he could teach Wing Chun to the Army.

Chris refused the Position for his Wife

Chris Collins Training Wing Chun

Chris was offered a position that for a long time has been, as he called it, a dream come true. In fact, since he returned to Hong Kong he dreamed of going back to the United States in order to promote Wing Chun inside the Army. However, such a decision would require a complete lifestyle change, and this time Chris couldn't decide all by himself.

Chris was in a happy relationship with his then-girlfriend and going back to the US would have a large impact on their relationship. In this sense, he decided to bring his girlfriend with him and show her around and how would their life be. However, his girlfriend was not a huge fan of that possible new chapter and declined Chris's offer. For this reason, Chris decided to give up on this chapter of his life and continue with new ones.

Chris Collins has been an inspiration to many Wing Chun practitioners around the world. His refusal to teach Wing Chun to the US Army shows that he is passionate about his family and committed to his relationship with his wife. His story is a reminder that sometimes it is important to prioritize relationships over careers.

Chris is a shining example of what it means to be a dedicated Wing Chun practitioner. He has demonstrated that it is possible to find success in martial arts without sacrificing one's family and relationships. He is an inspiration to all those who are passionate about Wing Chun and his story should serve as an example to aspiring Wing Chun practitioners everywhere.

If you'd like to discover more about Chris Collins and his Wing Chun training, make sure to visit his official website.

The video Interview was uploaded on Youtube by Martialab武備志.

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