Wing Chun - Generating & Applying Force Against A Stronger Attacker

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Hello there everybody!
In today's video we're going to discuss how force and power are generated in Wing Chun and, eventually, how you can use it against a stronger attacker.
Let's jump right into it.

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Force and Power in Wing Chun

Now in Wing Chun, the way we generate force is a little bit different than other martial arts because I think force is relative and there's a difference between force and power. In Wing Chun, we generate the power and force with our structure, with our form. So it's not so much just muscle.
Now, you need muscle too because you need basic conditioning. You want to be able to move. You want to have some basic conditioning. We need that. A lot of Wing Chun practitioners don't spend enough time on that and that's why Bruce Lee, when he came to America, he learned that he needs to condition his body and that's how he shaped himself into this machine, right?

Bruce Lee

Force against a stronger attacker

In terms of force, think about it… I want to show you just structure-wise how that works. So, if my sparring partner here, Drake, is 200 pounds, and I am only 175 pounds, he's physically stronger. If I decide to follow his movement in the same direction but opposite verse -that's muscle-to-muscle. He's physically stronger, I cannot compare.
However, if instead of using the same movement, I react with the structure, he can use all his strength, all his body weight...he cannot do anything.
It's not magic, actually, it's physics. I create and take advantage of a favorable lever in my body.
Responding with all your force is extremely tiring, you don't want to do that. I'm using my structure. I'm relaxed, so Even if he leans on me, he cannot move me. So you see, look at him. Look at Drake. That's his whole body weight. I'm using one hand. I'm not grunting.

Ip Man performs Wing Chun Forms

Look at my muscle. It's relaxed. Look at my muscle.
So, in Wing Chun … using the structure is very different than using your force.

The importance of relaxation

Also in terms of target, because we're not punching the body we are hitting the throat, right? We're jabbing the eye. We're hitting the chin and we're hitting the groin. We're hitting the shin, we're hitting the knees, so the way we apply force and power is a little bit more precise. We're trying to hit certain spots, right?
So first thing when it comes to applying and generating force, you need to learn how to relax, okay? So Drake is new to this, which is good. I don't know where you're watching this, some people watching this, you might be new too. So very simple. Drake, I just want you to throw a punch from your center-line like that. Now, relax a little bit more. You want it to be almost like mud. Not so relaxed that you're like somewhere else with your head, but you're relaxed and present. Your muscles relax. Now, when you punch, what I want you to do is use your body and move forward. Yes. So let me show you how it works. Drake, I want you to just do a straight punch and just to this, okay?
Hopefully, I don't hit the mic. So you can see it here. Try that. Just stand a little bit closer. Now you can see relaxed put your power into it. Now this time do it like you want to flow through it. So a little bit more relaxed, but flow through it.


Top 7 Wing Chun TechniquesWing Chun techniques against a stronger attacker

Okay so Wing Chun you can have just the fist using the structure, right? You can just do that, right? It's simple, you just follow the structure, the center line, and upward movement and you're punching.
Do you know what happens if you also relax? Just give a look at it. The intention is to fly through it, so if you combine relaxation with the structure, it ends up being way more penetrating. Therefore, it generates more force. This is very useful, especially when you're facing a stronger attacker. There's a big difference between the two punches!

And now, I want to put my body, my structure applying and generating force. So, what we're saying is basically this: structure, relaxation, and application of the whole body. My whole body was into it. Same punch, but generating the force from here, here, all the way in. And that's how you generate and apply force but against a stronger attacker. You can do straight-box this way, which is what we learn. It's nice, but also you can do it from here and you put your body into it and push! You put everything. You've got your hip, your knees, here, and that's why people say straight box has no power. You need ten of these to finish guy. Maybe you do, but if you get hit … Imagine, Drake, that punch hit you in your throat. Or a hit to your chest without this. - That's painful.


Bruce Lee's Only Real Fight

That's painful, right? So last time, one more time. Relax. And you … If you speed it out you can see that. That's how you do it.
Until next time,
Be water, my friend.

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