When Cocky Fighters Get Destroyed

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There's an old phrase that says those who are willing to run their mouth should be willing to back it up. Well, in today's video we will take a look at 15 fighters who definitely couldn't back up their cocky and overconfident behavior, which resulted in losing the fight and oftentimes the respect of the audience.
Enjoy these cocky fighters learning their lesson.

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Cocky Fighters

You can fly high all you want, as long as somebody kicks you down to the ground. That's when you (hopefully) learn a great lesson from life and your opponent.

Julz the Jackal

Cocky fighters getting destroyed

Julz the Jackal thought that his intimidation techniques would ensure a victory for him in the ring against Ben Nguyen. As it turned out, that was certainly not the case when Ben smashed through the tattoo Jackal's defenses to land a knockout punch.

Jason Solomon

Jason Solomon vs Ametish Chaubey

When Jason Solomon entered the ring to fight Amitesh Chaubey, he came in with a bad attitude. Even pushing his face into his opponent. Well, Chaubey managed to knock that chip off his shoulder in just nine seconds. Maybe next time Solomon will show a little more respect in a sport where you can get your face hammered in.

Cocky Fighters: Sabri Sadiri

Sabri Sadiri vs Sam Maxwell

French boxer Sabri Sadiri learned the hard way that you should never celebrate a win until you've actually been declared the winner. The dancing around and dodging only left him open for Sam Maxwell to take the upper hand.

Michel Pereira

Michel Pereira vs Tristan Connelly

Michel is arguably the king of showboating, always happy to oblige his fans with some silly moves that include dances, backflips, or launches from the cage. In fact, it makes him resemble a power ranger rather than an MMA fighter. Well, things soon changed when Pereira came face to face with Tristan Connelly. Although he entered the ring with a break dance, he ended it with a broken face.

Don't mess with Klitschko

Klitschko destroys Haye

Klitschko is one of the most reserved fighters in boxing, refusing to engage in trash talk. Well, when David Haye decided to go out of his way to taunt the fighter during the lead-up to the fight. Even printing off a t-shirt of him standing over the Klitschko brothers with their decapitated heads in his hands. Klitschko made sure it was he who got the last laugh.

The cocky fighters dance

Joe Harding vs Johan Segas

Throughout this fight between Joe Harding and Johan Segas, Harding doesn't seem to be taking things too seriously, something that became his downfall when Segas used the opening to deliver a knockout kick.

Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner vs Marcos el Chino Maidana

you may never come across another boxer who is as arrogant as Adrien "the problem" Broner. The super-confident fighter is never shy during the run-up to a fight, especially when it comes to the media. In 2013 however, an undefeated Broner met his match when he ran into Argentinian Marcos el Chino Maidana. After showboating at every chance he got, it was Maidana who got the last laugh. He knocked Broner down for the first time in his career in round two and went on to win the fight.

Giovanni Andrade

Giovanni Andrade vs Guillermo Rigondeaux

Giovanni Andrade's bizarre dance-style movements might have kept the audience and announcers smiling. But it's clear Guillermo Rigondeaux didn't find the funny side to it. After falling down without getting hit and joking around, Andrade found himself on his knees again, only this time it was because of a body shot that stopped him from going on.

Know when to stop

This fighter doesn't know when to stop. After being knocked down a number of times, he tries to taunt his opponent by saying he had only been boxing for three weeks. Of course that made knocking him down a few more times a pleasure.

Iron Mike

Cocky Fighters: Lennox knocks out Tyson

Although Mike Tyson said he was going to eat Lennox Lewis's children in a bizarre interview, it seemed that the only thing he did chow down on was the canvas. Not only does Tyson earn his nickname "Iron Mike" for his punches, but also for how hard he hits the ground.

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