WATCH: Wing Chun vs Taekwondo in a Street Fight

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Wing Chun vs Taekwondo in a Street Fight

Wing Chun vs Taekwondo

It is thought that the struggle featured in the video underneath was a street battle between a Taekwondo black belt [in the orange shirt] and a Wing Chun [white coat] specialist. The objective was to figure out, at last, which of the nearby martial arts academies was the best through a Wing Chun vs Taekwondo match.

Wing Chun vs Taekwondo Brawl

Two individuals who were well-versed in the art of traditional martial arts transformed into two ferocious street fighters in a matter of moments. The clip embedded beneath is rumored to be a face-off between a Taekwondo black belt (sporting an orange shirt) and a Wing Chun (white jacket) master, in order to determine which martial arts school in the vicinity was superior.

A Fierce Clash between the two Martial Arts

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art based on close-quarter combat with punching and kicking, combined with a tight defense. Taekwondo on the other hand is a Korean fighting art that concentrates on powerful kicks.

Wing Chun vs Taekwondo

At the beginning of the fight, both competitors tried to use the techniques of their respective arts, but it quickly changed into a brawl with punches and palm strikes. In the end, the white jacket managed to trip the orange jacket and take the fight to the ground where he was pounded with palm strikes, causing his friends to step in and stop the fight.

Martial arts look great as a spectator sport, but when it comes to street fighting, this time Wing Chun proves to be the better option.

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