Victor Matveev - the misunderstood Genius

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Victor Matveev, a myth and a legend whose fame precedes him.
A man who needs no presentation, Ladies and Gentlemen the inventor of the Universal Combat System.

But be aware of not fooling yourself. In fact, we're not talking about the MMA fighter Viktor Matveev nor the Nuclear Physicist Viktor Anatolievich Matveev.
No no, for this one you really have to let go of boring martial arts dogmas and prepare to go beyond what you always believed.

Unquestionably, it all comes down to balance at the end of the day. You might think that the Universal Combat System is all about strength, but again, you'd be wrong.
In fact, the system takes inspiration from eagle's movements, that's the reason it's so elegant. But how can a style be strong, effective, and yet so graceful? Impossible? No, just observe as Victor shows it in the following video:

So, what does Victor actually do, you ask?
He himslef describes his martial art as a Synthesys and Collection of Martial Arts into a System of Survival from the best World styles.
Russian Systema, a reworking of Hapkido and Hankido, with a combination of Southern Corea's styles, Karate for non-civilians, Sambo and, as you can imagine, many many more.
It's not very clear rather this is a millenial dangerous martial art that was forgotten and rediscovered by few, just like Victor, or if it's his invention. On his website, he says both versions, so...go with the one you prefer I guess.
In fact, the same logic applies to his denomination "Professional": he calls himself a professional, just to deny it few lines later.
You never know: in this dual reality, anything could be true.

On Victor's website you can actually sign up to his school and training lessons.
What to expect? Everything and anything really, just as the esence of this martial art itself.
But we have to be fair with Victor, he doesn't sell you a cat in a bag. In fact, you can find many of his lessons online on his youtube channel where he proudly shares them.
The following is just one of many lessons on youtube:

If you'd like to join Victor's league, you can contact him on his official website.
But mostly, remember to be kind to Victor and his students.

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