Top 7 Wing Chun real Fights

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27 Aug 2019 by Wing Chun Kung Fu EU

Top 7 Wing Chun Fights

So, have you ever wondered how Wing Chun would look like if applied to real street fights? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.
Hence, here you go with a compilation of some of the greatest ( Top 7) street fights and organized matches in which Wing Chun practitioners kicked ass.

We hope you enjoy watching this video. let us know what you think about it: are there any that you like or dislike in particular?
what would you do in such situations? Would you fight back or try to avoid the fight, and why?

Top 7 Wing Chun real Fights
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In Conclusion

So, did you like this compilation? Let us know in the comments below.
it must be absolutely clear that we do not support any acts of violence upon anybody. Mayches are no problem, they are your personal decision and the environment is highly controlled. We often do show videos of street fighting. This has mainly an analytical reasons. We are often guided by the curiosity of "what would you do in such a situation? Was that the correct behaviour or reaction, Could I do better if I was there?"
Violence is not a matter of laugh, the less there is the better the world be.


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Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow
Have a Nice Wing Chun

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pascal Chailleux
2022-03-05 19:25:55
salut belle video trres bel art martial ultra efficace

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