Top 15 Fake Martial Arts Masters Showing Off Their Made Up Superpowers

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Some of these Fake Martial arts Masters have been around for so long, that they don't even distinguish between what's real and what is not anymore. Take a look at the Crème de la Crème of Martial art idiots and choose your favorite.

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Fake Martial Arts Masters

Supernatural powers, incredible control over your "Chi" and even mind conditioning. These are the skills that a real fighter requires. What, do you still train in the gym with your sparring partners? So, there's the possibility that someone can touch you while you train? No no, I'm sorry but you fell behind. We're not into that anymore, you see? If your martial art requires me to touch other people, is it even a martial art?



So, a lot could be possibly said about these Fake Martial Arts masters of course, and honestly, it would be even hard to know where to start.
You see, here's my point. Everybody is human and there's always something new to be learned, for anybody. I have never in my life expected to meet a teacher or instructor who "knows it all". That's a pretty hard thing to expect if you're not going all-way competitive, and still...

fake martials arts

To be an instructor who still has to learn some things, and be humbly honest about it, that's a thing, I personally respect it. Or to even think to know it all just to be corrected by somebody who knocks you out...Ok, no problem, lesson learned, and now focus on filling that gap.

But here, oh boy, this is something else. Imagine having the necessity to believe that you can actually knock out somebody just by using your mind or by controlling their "Chi" power, or something. Maybe these things are possible to achieve in some way, and well that would be pretty awesome. But one thing is sure: these guys are not the ones doing it right or making it work.
How would I know? Well, some of them are so convinced about their powers that they expose themselves a little bit too much and get beaten up. But NEVER by their own students, it's always a random dude who comes to the seminar and just tries some basic jabs on the master.

Xu Xiao Dong MMA vs Ding Hao Wing Chun

There's one thing that always gets my curiosity weeing this stuff, and that is the students. What's up with them? How is it possible that these people have students if, objectively, their thing just doesn't work? What's the story behind it?
Okay, so you come to the seminar and you decide to give it a try and start training. But what happens later, why would you pretend to be beaten up by some mind powers of your instructor? Because obviously, I do not believe any single one of them has such skills. It's always the bald middle-aged guy who either has fancy clothes or doesn't even stand up to perform.

Xu Xiaodong

Anyway, we have also seen many videos where these masters actually get beaten up while being challenged by true fighters or martial artists. Xu Xiaodong is famous while on his mission in destroying fake martial arts masters, and honestly, he's doing everybody a favor.

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