Top 11 Fake Masters Getting Destroyed - EXPOSED

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In this video, presented by LISTertainment, there are multiple examples of masters from various Martial Arts, Wing Chun included, that got exposed in fights. They represent the typical cases of masters who think they have reached a really good fighting level but most probably they have never been in a real fight. In fact, you can observe this by looking at how they approach the fight, their stance, hands position and many other details that a good fighter knows are very important.

Is Wing Chun good for fighting?

Wing Chun is probably the most criticized Kung Fu in the Martial Art scenario and this reputation could be due to many unprepared and self proclaimed masters that, without a proper fight preparation, accept or launch challenges and than fall miserably in front of many spectators. It's not uncommon that most of these so-called masters have never been in a fight before and that they have a poor training for these situations, usually with few hours used for sparring.

Wing Chun is an ancient Kung Fu with a lot of lineages but it seems that many of them have taken divergent paths from the source explained by the Grand Master Ip Man. These divergencies led these lineages to become inefficient in real situations and decrease overall the proficiency of what is, in our opinion, a very effective Kung Fu used and taught in the past by some very good fighters like Wong Shun Leung.

Wong Shun Leung with Philipp Bayer
Wong Shun Leung with Philipp Bayer

How to train for a fight

The most effective training is to use an objective logic. Our mind lies and sometimes it might try to convince us that we are a real master, able to handle difficult situations and a real fight, without any effort or reporting any damage. These thoughts could arise from teaching activity because, with the passing of years, many masters relate themselves with new students or with students that tend to be submissive so they forgot to train and test themselves with people that are well trained and motivated to beat their adversary. Our suggestion is to detect this lie and train with people that practice other martial arts and fighting sports. They will be precious in order to identify the lies that have grown up and live in our minds. Stay modest and keep training, especially after years dedicated to teaching.

Another crucial point is to be skeptical about your training and to ask yourself, as much as possible, some basic questions like "why am I doing this or that movement?", "Am I really sure that what I have learned from my master is efficient?" and also "Am I really proficient in this aspect of the fighting? Have I ever tested it in a situation that is not staged?"

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