Idiots Who Challenged Professional Fighters

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Did it ever happen to you? You see some guys partake in a match and you suddenly think you'd be much better than them. To be honest, possibly it happened to all of us. The reality is that if we would ever in that situation, we wouldn't reason and think of better techniques to use as easily as from the comfort of our house, from behind the desktop of our pc. T

his is an issue that always comes to the surface when watching one of our videos from the Versus series. However, each of us learns in different ways and some of us really need to a practice test to fully get it. This is a compilation of the top 10 idiots that discovered how things work the hard way.

This video was uploaded on YouTube by LISTertainment, so don't forget to give a look at his channel and his content.

"Idiots" worth mentioning

Ok alright, maybe the word idiot is a little bit rush, but let me explain. One thing is to challenge a professional in order to put to test one's skills, improvement or just to make some experience - that is never a bad thing, right? However, on the other hand, being cocky, disrespectful, or at worst to harass people online - that's different.

The man that most probably got your attention is the guy ranked in the first position. He's a well-known online troll that keeps challenging professionals and tries to fight them. His temperament seems often very unnecessarily violent and over the top.

However, the reality is that Charlie is more of a YouTuber than a fighter. He is very confident and does not accept such a thing as defeat. Charlie definitely crossed the border when, after three long years of having harassed Deontay Wilder online, he threatened to kill Deontay and hurt his children.

It is important to know that Deontay Wilder is a World Undefeated Boxing Champion, a pretty badass man if you ask me. Of course, after such strong words, Wilder finally accepted Charlie's challenge and the rest is history.

Top 10 Idiots Who Challenged Professional Fighters

In Conclusion

The most important thing to know guys is that, no matter how Charlie can get on your nerves, he does not deserve other hate. He has a big mouth and he is also the one to pay the price for it.
So, may we just enjoy the comic side of such events and let karma do its job.

Thank you for reading and have a great Wing Chun!

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bill Lewies
2021-02-27 22:44:46
Lesson needs to get out. Head trauma is serious .

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