This Shaolin master is a BEAST! ๐Ÿฅ‹๐Ÿ‘Š

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Thought that Shaolin Monks are only present in the faraway east? Not Really! MJ is the modern Shaolin Master, and he opened a Temple north of London.

This video was uploaded by The Sport Dealer on their official YouTube channel. Be sure to check them out!

Modern Shaolin Master

MJ is technically a Shaolin Master since he is the only non-Chinese Disciple of the Shaolin Temple to perform in the famous Shaolin "Wheel of Life" show worldwide.
Maybe you have already seen him on some International tours across the planet. In fact, in 2007 he led his group of students to be filmed for the National Geographic planet.


Teenager's extraordinary experience at Shaolin Temple

MJ's commitment to..basically doing everything he does with passion and efficiency, has brought him and his students extraordinary results.
MJ raised a lot of funds for various Charities, which also attracted a lot of media attention. Amongst his charity work, MJ mentored for free over 20,000 Britain's youngsters. The main focus and offering were to offer an insight into Shaolin's philosophy, mainly against violence, a very felt theme in Britain at that time.

Mj Modern Shaolin Master

His moves and achievements earned him a role in Stan Lee's film Super Humans and also a place in the semi-finals of Britain's got talent!
Of course, you do not reach such a level in one month, nor in one year... MJ worked really hard on his skills. However, he says that training has always been his second nature, so training for him results in as easy and joyful as eating!

MJ and his son performing at Britain's got Talent

MJ and his incredible family truly are an inspiration, not only in the martial arts field but also for their energy and powerful approach to life. He is the living testimony of the power of will, but also compassion towards others.

We encourage you to learn more about MJ on his official website.

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