SWAT trains Wing Chun with Lo Man Kam

Lo Man Kam

Have you ever heard of him? Lo Man Kam
The name isn’t as famous as Yip Man‘s, but if you were ever curious about Wing Chun’s history and origins, you surely encountered this name.
He’s nothing less than Yip Man’s nephew who he teached personally.

SWAT trains Wing Chun in Taiwan

Yip Man insisted that Lo should open a Wing Chun school in Taiwan. When man moved there in the 1960ies, he first underwent a special military academy training. Since this experience, army had a big role in his life. In fact, even after his retirement from the army in 1975 (as a Major), he would still teach Wing Chun to soldiers. In fact, few know that in Taiwan SWAT trains Wing Chun too. Lo Man Kam was SWAT’s first head instructor.
In 1990 Lo became Taiwan Special Police Force instructor and two years later he became the first head instructor of the freshly born taiwanese SWAT.
His careeer in the Police grew up very well and he also trained hand to hand training to the C.I.A.

SWAT trains Wing Chun with Lo Man Kam

Something about his life

Man Kam was born in 1933 in Hong Kong. Nowadays he’s about 86 years old, and still teaches Wing Chun! Members of his family were Government Officials during the Qing Dynasty in Foshan. Life of such officials was characterized by great mansions and army bodyguards.
However, during the First and Second Sino – Japanese Wars, everything was destroyed. The Lo family moved for a while to the great mansion of Yip’s younger brother. After the end of the war, Lo family moved back to Hong Kong.

SWAT trains Wing Chun with Lo Man Kam

Lo Man Kam studied under Yip Man

When Ip Man returned to Hong Kong, he started to teach Wing Chun in the office of the Kowloon Hotel Union.
It was at this time that Man joyned his uncle Yip’s classes and started to train. At the beginning there were very few students, maybe five or six. among his first few students we can remember Yip’s little brother (who was 13 at that time), Leung Shueng, Chu Shong-tin, Lok Yiu and Chan Kau.

SWAT trains Wing Chun with Lo Man Kam

Foreign Students

Daniel Duby and James were his first foreign students. They were the forst to participate in the “Bai Si Lai“, which is a taiwanese term of the wushu community to identify the ceremony of honoring the Sifu and being accepted as an official disciple.

Lo Man Kam with his foreign students

Lo Man’s son Gorden Lu teached Wing Chun in Virginia Beach in the United States for more than 10 years.
Lo Man’s teaching became so popular that he gained students from allover the World, includinf Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Nowadays, the Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation has students and school in more than 40 countries.

And what about you, have you ever heard about Lo Man’s Wing Chun or do you ever trained it?
Let us know!

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