Sifu Emin Boztepe Wing Chun Fight (Very Rare)

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Hello everybody, welcome back!
Today we present you what seems to be a demonstration during one of Emin Boztepe's Wing Chun classes.
There are many conflicting opinions about Emin, however, this hardly tells something about his martial art skills. The following is a short video of Emin Boztepe Wing Chun Fight.

About Emin Boztepe Wing Chun

Emin was born in Eskisehir, Turkey, in 1962. Along with his family, Emin moved to Germany when he was a little child.
He started training in martial arts from there and went on training until 1980, the year when he met Keith. R. Kernspecht and became his student.
So his study of Wing Chun begins in the 80s' under the Leung Ting Wing Chun Lineage. Additionally, in the 90s' he was encouraged by Kernspecht to open schools in Canada, Mexico, and United States too.
However, in 2001, after some unclear differences in opinion between him and the federation, Emin decided to walk away from EWTO and found his own martial arts federation, the EBMAS, which stands for Emin Boztepe Martial Arts.

Right now he lives in California and has schools all over the world.


The controversial fight | Emin Boztepe vs William Cheung

You may also know Emin Boztepe from our previous article about the controversial fight that he had with William Cheung.
The story remains unclear about what happened and, actually why.
The only thing sure is that it was a political conflict between the different lineages that resulted in this brawl.

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