Shannon Lee is Suing a Chinese Fast Food Chain for Using her Dad's Photo

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Shannon Lee, the only Bruce Lee's daughter who runs the Bruce Lee Enterprises based in California, is suing a Chinese fast food chain for image copyright infringement.

Real Kung Fu Fast Food Chain

According to Chinese media, Shannon has been trying to bring the Fast food Chain to the court since 2010. The Bruce Lee Enterprises expressed that the fast food chain above, Real Kungfu, or Zhen Gong Fu in the original language, is using a Bruce Lee foto as their logo without permission.
In fact, the logo shows a black-haired man in a yellow suit that recalls one of Bruce's most famous stances from Game of Death, his last movie.

Bruce Lee Game of Death

Shannon is suing the Fast Food Chain

Bruce Lee Enterprises is suing Real Kungfu for $30 Million (or 200 Million Yuan, local value), and has asked for the removal of their image.
The case was filed in the Shanghai court, with an additional request of 88,000 yuan ($13,000) to cover the legal expenses.

Shannon suing fast food Real Kungfu

The fast food chain is in business since 1990 with more than 600 stores and is currently using their Bruce Lee resembling logo since 2004.
Back in 2012, when Shannons first sued the chain restaurant, the China Trademark Office recognized that Bruce Lee's heirs were the owners of the rights of his trademark. However, the case did not proceed further.

Shannon Lee: Shut Up about My Father

Shannon Lee: Shut Up About My Father

Being that Bruce Lee died on November 1973, and they've been using this logo for more than 15 years now, the restaurant chain expressed publicly being "perplexed" about the lawsuit on their official Weibo page, Chinese social media comparable to Twitter.

“The Real Kungfu chain’s logo is one that the company had applied for and obtained after a rigorous screening by the national trademark agency, we have already been using this for 15 years”


“We are very surprised that we are now being sued after so many years, and we are currently actively studying the case and preparing our response to the demand.”

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Darcy Bauer
2023-02-06 05:44:12
Shannon has every right to sue them cause they did not get Shannon’s permission to use her fathers face as their logo and don’t have any rights to use it

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