Sammo Hung is completely Unrecognizable after Weight Loss

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Sammo Hung weight loss

Hello there, welcome back!
Sammo Hung is a person that has become truly beloved by his huge fan base all over the world. He is known mainly as a very skilled martial artist and actor, but he's also a film producer and a director.
Over the years Sammo has worked himself up to a brilliant career in the cinema industry and, respectfully, his weight and body structure have become iconic.

Sammo Hung Weight Loss

For this reason, some recent pictures circulating on social media have had Sammo's fans completely shocked.
Sammo Hung's weight loss has had many people alarmed, wondering if he was healthy and if everything was okay.

Sammo Hung Weight Loss

After the loosening of the pandemic restriction in countries like Hong Kong this year, many celebrities came back to posting pictures of their meetups. After Alan Tam posted a picture of him and Sammo enjoying a meal, he simply commented that the meal was home-cooked by Sammo and that it was delicious.
But, from the first moment, the internet seemed to be interested in something else. Everybody was shocked by Sammo Hung's weight loss and many questions about Sammo Hung's health arose.

Samo Hung is skinny

What Happened

Let's start by saying that Sammo is healthy and that he's doing great, maybe even better than before.
After knee surgery, he has undergo in 2017, Sammo become bound to a wheelchair for two years. But as we can see now, he is not in need of a wheelchair anymore and he has lost a significant amount of weight. It seems that the doctors suggested weight loss in order to recover from his knee injury, and he successfully managed to do it.

Although the Sammo Hung Weight Loss shock has left many melancholic about the old Sammo they were used to, the most important thing is his health status. Whatever his weight is, we wish him the best and many other successes in his extraordinary life and career.

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