Russia's real life Fight Club

The real life Fight Club

Have you ever seen the famous film Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Good chances are that you have at least heard about it. That film became really famous and, apart from having a convincing plot, it depicts a somehow strange human behaviour.
As bad as it can sound, looking backwards you can't really deny that fighting has always accompanied the humankind.
Indeed there could be several reasons behind it, going from political to economic reasons and not only, that may have driven us to fight or even kill.
But even today, with nobody threatening you to fight another man, why would you do that?

Russia's real life Fight Club

This is just a simple reflection over our behaviour, no judgment is involved at all. At the end of the day, we are the ones who have a martial arts site, and you are the one reading it - and it all means nothing.
It seems that when it comes to fight some of us enjoy it. To be even more precise we could specify more: some of us enjoy watching other people fight, others feel the urge to fight in first-person.

About Strelka - RL Fight Club

So, generally speaking fight is very common to our nature. And what about you?
Have you ever imagined how a real life Fight Club would be?
Would it be even possible to an organization like that to exist or would it even be legal? And what about the rules and the participants...Question are many!
Well, no you don't have to imagine all of it, because you have just seen the video.
Strelka, which from russian translates as arrow, is an organization born in Russia.

Russia's real life Fight Club

It all started as organized street fights. Anybody who had the courage could join the match, don't need to be a sports man or an athlete. All that counts to Strelka is your determination to fight, the rest doesn't metter, everybody has the possibility to have their moment there.
This phenomen actually became viral, to follow in person and also digitally. In fact, their YouTube channel is pretty big and is still growing, with new videos coming out periodically. And it also seems like these events attract a lot of locals too.

Russia's real life Fight Club

These fight are pretty similar ot the ones that occured in China in the last century. They were called Beimos, and they could be even fatal. We have already speaked about them, since some Wing Chun masters as Wong Shun Leung were active and succesfull fighters in those.

Anybody can join

As we said before, at Strelka's matches anybody who is determined and brave enough can participate. You may have many years experience or nothing, haven't even had fight-like similar experiences - it doesn't metter. You just go in.
This of course mades up some curious mixtures as you may see anywhere else. It becomes almost addictive since you can't not ask yourself: who will this time, the out of shape lawyer or the muscled guy? The young student or the trained guy?

This might be what actually make them so delightful to watch: nothing organized for money or personal interests, "just" pure curiosity about some men abilities to survive.
However it must be said that these guys do legal matches and they have referees and rules. At the beginning of the video you can clearly hear the referee explaining the basic rules to both participants. No shots to the spine or tp the back of the head, respect your opponent.

In conclusion

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