Return of the Grandmaster: Ip Man 5 Punches into Production!

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The Cannes Film Festival has announced that actor Donnie Yen will be continuing his onscreen career with Ip Man 5. Yen took to Instagram to confirm the news with a poster, which also suggests that he may be taking up directing the movie as well. This news comes shortly after his successful appearance in John Wick: Chapter 4.

Yen released an official promotional image after the news was disclosed. It featured a Wing-Chun dummy, also known as a wooden man post, with multiple defeated men lying next to it, and their fallen swords presented. The poster brings back memories of the series that began in 2008, embraced by the fans of kung-fu movies.

An Overview of Ip Man

This film is about the life of the martial arts master from Foshan, Ip Man, and his journey through the tumultuous times of pre-World War II China.

The Ip Man franchise is a set of Hong Kong martial arts movies based on the life story of the famed Wing Chun master. The original 2008 movie was followed by two sequels, Ip Man 2 and Ip Man 3, and then by the spin-off Master Z: Ip Man Legacy in 2018 and the most recent Ip Man 4: The Finale in 2019. Written by Edmond Wong, the films feature the real-life martial arts master who taught Bruce Lee and has earned a total of $426 million at the box office with a budget of $140.6 million. Additionally, they have achieved an impressive certified fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Who will Be in the Movie?

Joining Yen in the movie cast are Lynn Hung, Kent Cheng, Ngo Ka-nin, Lo Mang, Danny Chan, and He Ye. Martial arts films originating from Hong Kong have made a considerable contribution to the action films in Hollywood, such as The Matrix, Karate Kid, and more. With a remarkable performance in the recent John Wick movie, Yen is likely to provide a new standard for stunts with his upcoming project.

The exact date of release for this feature is currently unknown. More information will be available soon, so keep an eye out here and take a look at Yen's post for additional details.

Common Mistake

Yesterday's announcement of the upcoming production of Ip Man 5 has already generated some confusion among the Ip Man Franchise and Donnie Yen fans. Ip Man 5 will be the sequel to the Ip Man saga starring Donnie Yen. Not to be mistaken with an already existing Ip Man 5. You can see the trailer of the Ip Man 5 starring Dennis To here below.

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