"Relax to Generate Great Striking Power" - How does it Work?

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Relax to Generate Great Striking Power - How does it Work? l

The Chu Shong Tin Method is characterized by Wing Chun, a popular type of Kung Fu due to Bruce Lee. It was the star's initial martial art and the foundation of his later Jeet Kune Do. In the past 10 years, the fame of Wing Chun has grown further with the release of a few Ip Man films. Nowadays, over a million individuals are learning Wing Chun globally (not just in the Ip Man line but also in other lineages).

The same name is used for this art all over the globe (though it is sometimes spelled differently in English, for instance, Ving Tsun instead of Wing Chun). However, the practice and techniques employed can be drastically varied, resulting in disparate results.

The external movements and core principles, such as the centerline theory, maybe the same on the surface, but what is happening internally, both mentally and physically, behind each movement is vastly different.

Chu Shong Tin

Within the first decade of his practice, Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin was given the title of 'The King of Siu Nim Tao' by his teacher Ip Man. In CST's opinion, correct understanding and competence in Siu Nim Tao are necessary for the development of internal power and for achieving a high level of skill in art. Siu Nim Tao is the initial and most basic form of Wing Chun and its name in English is 'little idea'.

This Mental State Generates Strength

The strength that comes from a relaxed frame of mind is vastly different from that generated by physical force. Muscles can only provide a certain degree of power, whereas mindful relaxation can enable one to tap into a much greater amount of power. Many novices might doubt this, yet it can be achieved and is a reality.

When practicing SNT, the "Nim Tao", which is a type of mindfulness, should stay unbroken and consistent. After extended practice in this way, when all of the ideas within each motion have been suitably developed, and each structure has been completely examined and comprehended, one will have access to immense yet easy power.

Power without Strain

Chu Shong Tin with Yip Man

Ease and strength can be achieved without a great expenditure of energy.

During this phase, the body begins to become charged with 'Chi', a type of energy. Grandmaster CST termed it 'Nim Lik', which is produced by a highly concentrated mind. When accomplished, Nim Lik or 'Chi' serves as a perpetual source of energy. This then results in a robust mentality, a healthier body, and a more elated life.

Numerous pupils learned from Ip Man. Research on the web reveals that Chu Shong Tin was the only one of his students to have attained proficiency in the inner elements of the style.

Enormous Inner Strength

Nima queried CST as to why other Wing Chun Masters had not demonstrated the same level of internal power he had in each of his movements. CST responded that it was likely because they had not explored Siu Nim Tao in great depth, and only focused on the external movements and uses of each form.

During an interview with 'The South China Morning Post', Nima King spoke about the one-of-a-kind approach taught by CST. He stated:

"In the past 5 years, I have gone on a journey with many teachers and styles of Kung Fu, such as Wing Chun and Tai Chi, to look for someone who can reach the same level of control over their muscles and joints as CST. Unfortunately, I have not found anyone with a skill as advanced as mine, so I am still far from the level of CST."

Chu Shong Tin with Nima King

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