REAL Ip Man Story

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Wing Chun has lately become famous also thanks to many films that portrayed its simplicity and effectiveness.
In order to preserve real facts and distinguish them from movie scenarios, it is important to get to know the real Ip Man story, beyond the movies and legends.

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It's great to have a movie that brings to light the art of Wing Chun, but it's very important to acknowledge the actual person who started the movie. Ip Man was much more than simply Bruce Lee's teacher. He opened the door to what has become an internationally known system of devastatingly effective hand-to-hand combat.

Real Ip Man story

When it comes to close-quarters self-defense, experts the world over looked at those trained under the Yip Man line of Wing Chun for effectiveness. It's of the utmost importance that we acknowledge the real Ip Man for what he gave the world.

The real Ip Man story

Yip Man was 12 when he started learning Wing Chun. His Sifu was Chen Wah-shun, who he trained with for three years before he retired.
Yip then learned from his older kung-fu brother, until Yip turned 16, and went off to school in Hong Kong. While there, Yip trained under Leung Bik, the son of Leung Jan, his teacher's teacher.

At 24, Yip returned to Foshan and became a police officer. He taught Wing Chun privately to friends and family in his spare time. Later, when the Chinese Communist Party came to power, Yip Man fled to Hong Kong. It was there that he made teaching kung fu his profession, and opened the first public Wing Chun school.


GM Ip Man performing Chum Kiu

When he first started teaching though, Yip Man had a hard time keeping students. Students would stay only a month or two and then quit. But he kept on believing in what he was doing until after a while a few students got good enough to lead classes.
These first students Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, and Chu Shong-tin, paved the way for later students, including Bruce Lee to come aboard.
This video is a tribute to Yip Man.

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Οι μάχες που είδαμε σε ταινίες ip man ήταν αληθινές; Έχουν γίνει; Ναι η όχι;

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