PRO Wing Chun Fighter Beats Muay Thai and MMA Fighters in the Cage

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Due to many different factors, it's not an everyday matter to jump into an efficient Wing Chun practitioner who stress tests his skills and competes.

However, practitioners like this Pro Wing Chun Fighter Qi La La know their thing.

The following match is under hybrid MMA rules for the King Of Dragons (KOD) Championship. Qi La La fights against Muay Thai and KingBox Muay Thai instructor Xie Yousheng, also known as Ronin.

PRO Wing Chun Fighter Qi La La

The Match was decided by points and, even though Qi La La win the first round the win was assigned to Ronin. However, he gave his opponent a pretty tough time. What is truly refreshing is the direct approach that Qi La La uses, not very often seen in many Wing Chun Schools.

Qi La La - Pro Wing Chun Fighter

Even though he's bringing home some great results, this Pro Wing Chun Fighter was criticized for not using 100% pure Wing Chun. Honestly, having trained in Wing Chun for many years myself, the first question that comes to my mind is. "How do you even tell it's Wing Chun in a fight?".

That's because many people think that Wing Chun when applied practically has to resemble the fights seen in the Ip Man movies, which is absolutely not true. Ip Man is a great movie series, but it's just not realistic.

However, that is another large subject that we could deepen in another article, but let's get back to Qi La La. After the criticism, he also decided to respond publicly via his social media to address the issue.

Qi La La vs Thai Boxers

I have to admit that sometimes I have some problem recognizing him in the ring, so just to be sure - Qi La La is the one in blue attire starting in the ring corner. Here too, his very direct and not passive approach can be appreciated as he manages the Thai Boxers.

The videos shown in this article belong to Fight Commentary Breakdowns. They have some great content so, give them a chance :)

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