The Power of Wing Chun | Mastering the Side Slash (Ep 4)

THE POWER OF WING CHUN | Episode 4 ▶ Tristan Fung shows you how to generate maximum force with the Wing Chun side slash.


The side slash is an arcing movement that can be used as both an attack and a defence. When used as an attack, the side slash covers a range of about 90 degrees and makes contact with the blade part of the hand or forearm. When used as a defence, the circular movement of the side slash is an effective way to redirect an attack away from your body.

00:38 Side Slash and Punch
01:08 Side Slash and Side Kick
01:14 Technique Tips
01:41 Pivot and Side Slash
01:45 Technique Tips
01:59 Pivot, Side Slash and Punch

Performed by Tristan Fung with Ardy Eslami and Simon Wong. Directed by Tristan Fung.

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