Mortal Kombat (1995) Cast: Then and Now [27 Years After]

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Hello there, welcome back!
In this video, you'll see how high the Mortal Kombat Cast changed. I will tell you about the characters of the film and also you'll see what's with the cast now.

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The following article is the transcript of the video above.

Mortal Kombat Cast

Johnny Cage

Mortal Combat Cast: Linden Ashby

Played by Linden Ashby, is proficient in martial arts and has acted in films. Despite lies and distortion of information about his fighting skills and spiritual qualities, he was selected for the Mortal Kombat tournament. He likes to bicker sometimes and clearly, knows how to express his position.

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Talisa Soto

She is the adopted daughter of the emperor and the future ruler of the outside world. She is beautiful, has a somewhat predatory sight, and is considered one of the strongest opponents. Knows how to achieve her goal despite the obstacles that arise and has a sharp mind and cunning. She was played by Talisa Soto.

Shang Tsung

Mortal Kombat Cast

Shang Tsung is a servant of the Emperor and a sorcerer who masterfully owns black magic and enslaves the souls of warriors, endowing himself with power and energy. He knows how to fight well and not everyone can handle him. Shang is quite cunning and sneaky. He was played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

Lord Raiden

Mortal Kombat Christopher Lambert

Lord Raydon is the Lord of thunder and the patron of the earth's field, who perfectly controls lightning. In front of him, many people bow, admire, and even fear. He has wisdom, and calmness, and is not devoid of a sense of humor, even in a difficult situation. He doesn't tolerate injustice. Played by Christopher Lambert.

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Chris Casamassa Mortal Kombat Cast

Scorpion is a devoted servant of the Emperor and the sorcerer Shang and is also a member of the Mortal Kombat Tournament. He can teleport to any place at will and can release some creatures from his hand. Has white faded eyes without capillaries. Wears a face mask. The role was performed by Chris Casamassa.

Fighting Monk

Hakim Alston

Fighting Monk was selected as one of the contenders for Mortal Kombat. He has a combat-trained body and prefers to wear his hair in pigtails during battles. He tries to show his danger with all his appearance and often at the same time lets out a growl. The role was played by Hakim Alston.


Trevor goddard mortal kombat cast

Kano is the enemy of Sonya Blade and often makes financially profitable deals, no matter what you need to do or who to kill. He has a metal plate on the right side of his face. Played by Trevor Goddard who died in 2003 as a result of an overdose of Temazepam, Heroin Vicodin, and Cocaine.

Sub Zero

Mortal Kombat Francois petit

Sub-Zero serves Shang Tsung. He skillfully owns the ability to freeze everything and he is also good in battle but doesn't try to show off like many others how cool he is. He is used to being calm and has a quick reaction. He wears a mask covering the lower part of his face. The role is played by Francois Petit.

Art Lean

Kenneth Edwards

Art Lean (Kenneth Edwards) was one of the participants who became worthy to take part in the Mortal Kombat Tournament. He is a rather simple and good-natured person, only when it doesn't concern combat. Impressed by the ability of the members from Shang Tsung's side. He has a small earring in his left ear.

Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade (Bridgette Wilson) is at the head of the special forces and doesn't like it when someone tries to help her. She is used to trusting only herself. Always maintains equanimity. Has a quick reaction and self-confidence. Sonya is often driven by a sense of revenge when it comes to loved ones.

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Master Boyd

Peter Jason Mortal Kombat Cast

Master Boyd (Peter Jason) is a very important person in Johnny Cage's life and it was he who taught him a lot. He enjoys great respect and trust among his students, as he is fluent in combat techniques and can give good advice, as well as support. He's a family man and prefers to wear a wedding ring.


Keith Cook Mortal Kombat

The reptile (Keith Cook) is a henchman of Shang Tsung. He can move unnoticed and at the same time, it's difficult to see him, since he, like a chameleon, can merge with his surroundings. He also has sharp teeth and is able to take the form of a stature reptile. He is distinguished by loyalty and diligence.

Chief Priest

Mortal Kombat Cast John Fujioka

Chief Priest (John Fujioka) lives in the temple of light and is one of the four main monks who make important decisions for all the inhabitants of the monastery, including those regarding the Tournament. He has deep wisdom and faith in the common cause. Has doubts about Liu winning the Tournament.


Sandy Helberg Mortal Kombat Cast

The Director deals mainly with directed films, mostly action movies, and it was in his project that Johnny Cage was last seen before participating in the tournament. He is obsessed with his work doing many takes until he achieves the desired result and demands the same from others. Played by Sandy Helberg.


Steven Ho Mortal Kombat

Chan is the brother of Liu with whom he was very close. He is well-versed in martial arts, but still, they are not enough to resist a truly powerful opponent. Chan is used to acting indecisively and is not the kind of person who easily succumbs to fear. He always fights to the end. Played by Steven Ho.


Jaxx is often paired with Sonya Blade and tries to earn her trust. Accustomed to quickly reporting the situation and finding out all the necessary details that may be needed during the operation. The rule is performed by Gregory McKinney who died in 1998 as a result of a brain aneurysm.

Assistant Director

Mortal Kombat Cast Daniel Haggard

Assistant Director (Daniel Haggard) performs various assignments during the filming of movies and also contacts the actors themselves, passing them information or notifying them of something. He is a little indecisive and is used to dressing discreetly on the set. He usually wears a cap and headphones.


Lloyd Kino Mortal Kombat

Grandfather is the only relative of Liu Kang and Chan. He lives among the monks in the Chinese temple of Light and believes that nothing is more important than peace and that the tournament is the only way that can save humanity. Possesses wisdom and patience. The role is performed by Lloyd Kino.

Liu Kang

Robin Shou Mortal Kombat

Liu Kang is an excellent fighter who was afraid to enter the Tournament, but everything changed with the death of his brother. He is purposeful and observant, but sometimes he cannot be vigilant enough. He has a tone-trained body but his height is not too high. The role was played by Robin Shou.


Tom Woodruff jr

Goro (Tom Woodruff Jr.) is at the head of the army of the outside world and in Shokan. He is the prince of the interplanetary field and the strongest among his kind. He is tall and, unlike humans, he has four arms. Gora has no hair on his head except all the back of his head which picks them up in the tail.

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Black Box
One of my best movies growing up

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Sophie Turner
Woah, talk about a trip down memory lane! Get back to your flippers, Scorpion & Sub-Zero look as chilled as ever! Couple more wrinkles but they still got moves!

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Samuel Brightman
Boy, talk about a "FATALITY" to my youthful memories! πŸ˜„ Seeing the then-and-now pictures surely packs a punch. Looks like time performed its own combo move. LOL!

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Oliver Thompson
Wow, talk about a blast from the past! Seeing the MK squad then and now sends my nostalgia levels skyrocketing. Their evolution? Flawless victory indeed!

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Miles Thompson
Oh wow, time sure does have a Fatality move on us all! But hey, at least, the Scorpion and SubZero haven't aged a day! πŸ˜„πŸ’€πŸ‘΄ #LoveTheNostalgia #NotAllHeroesWearCapesSomeWearMasks

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Billy Thompson
Whoa, 27 years? Talk about a Fatality to my youth! Really cool seeing how our favorite face-punchers have aged – most are still Kicking it!

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