Kung Fu Master Fights Xu Xiaodong For 30 Million - MMA vs Kung Fu

Kung Fu Master Tian Ye finally fought against famous MMA chinese figther Xu Xiadong, also known as Mad Dog. This match took place in January 2019 in China under kickboxing rules so there was no ground fighting. Who was better at striking?

30 million if the Master wins

Seems that if the Kung Fu Master Tian Ye wins, he gets 30 milion yuan ($4.4 million), otherwise he gets only 3 milion ($443,000) guaranteed if he lost. The match was sponsored by a rich chinese businessman that, probably, wants to gain back reputation for traditional chinese martial arts. Let's see how the fight goes.

Another kung fu master defeated

Xu Xiadong wins the fight, again, showing his motivation in revealing what he calls "fake masters". Bad luck for the Master Tian Ye which was finally defeated by a brutal rib kneeing.

The "Mad Dog" Xu Xiaodong is 40 years old and he fought against the Master Tien Ye which is 56. Of course this generated a lot of criticism regarding the fairness of the match.

Xu Xiadong's hated MMA career

His career starts in 2001 when he discovers MMA and Muay Thai with which he falls in love because of the freedom of these styles compared to the more traditional martial arts. In fact he's called the founder of MMA in China since he opened the MMA club in Beijing and organized China's first MMA tournament.

Xu Xiadong defeats another kung fu master

His bad reputation starts when he decides to reveal masters who claim to have supernatural powers due to the traditional martial arts that they teach.

Xu started a dispute on social media with Wei Lei, a Taijiquan self proclaimed Master, asking practical evidence of his abilities. This dispute soon developed in a bare-knuckle match that took place in a basement of Chengdu in 2017 where Xu brutally won in less than 20 seconds. After his victory the video became soon viral and he, along with his family, received many death threats from some people since his actions were seen as disparaging to the chinese culture.

Chen Sheng, a very rich businessman, offered 1 million to the traditional master that would beat him in a fight.

Legal issues and decline in fame

An encounter with Ma Baoguo, a self proclamed Tai Chi master, was stopped by the police and Xu was banned from organizing fights in his gym. This was not enough to stop Xu from his mission to fight what he calls "fake masters", in fact he went on with many other encounters.

Two years later, in 2019, after calling the "grandmaster" Chen Xiaowang a freud, Xu was sued and ordered to pay around $60.000 and make public apologies to the master for 7 days in row on social media. This gained him even more problems such as beeing discreted to the point where he couldn't rent or own a property, stay in some hotels, travel on high speed rail or buy plane tickets. After paying $40.000 and apologizing, these restrictions were lifted allowing him to almost come back to his normal life.

Xu Xiaodong disguised for a fight

In spite of everything in May 2019 he accomplished to defeat another master by disguising himself and fighting under a pseudonym.


2020-03-17 11:16:29
When my parents sent me to an American boarding school at age nine, I got beaten up every day. I eventually went to China Town in the summer to learn the Praying Mentis Kung Fu in order to protect myself. Well, the "bug" style kata didn't help at all. My basketball coach began to train me in boxing. Holly crap, three months of learning how to take punches and hardcore abs conditioning, it was like a routine arse kicked every day. Surprisingly, that's what it took to stop the bullies because punches didn't bother me any longer. Coach Mike trained me to bullhorn punch followed by an uppercut, left and right-hand hundreds of times everyday. See, martial arts katas are for training your hand/arm dexterity only. When a real situation arises, you don't have time to figure out what move to use. Like my "Wing Chun uncle" Bruce Lee said, be like water. I was trained in Wing Chun, Karate, and Brazillian Jujitsu. I synergize all of those with boxing... and that's what JKD is a refined strategic combat system.

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2020-04-01 15:32:48
Xu Xiaodong may be a Great fighter, when his opponent, features a bandage on the face he didn't, punch him, instead he used his kicks. that is what makes him a person's , it's Amazing. Thanks For Sharing This Blog.

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Ben W.
2020-04-30 17:07:44
Very impressive. Really they didn't recognize him with this simple mask?

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