Joe Rogan Can't Stop Laughing at Fake Martial Artists!

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Hello there, welcome back!
We really have to share with you this clip from the Joe Rogan Podcast in which some fake martial artists are analyzed. Enjoy!

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Joe Rogan Podcast

By now I think it's pretty safe to say that almost everybody has at least heard of the Joe Rogan Experience podcasts. Joe is an American UFC commentator, former television presenter, actor, comedian, and podcaster and he's a former fighter too. His podcasts are appreciated worldwide for the incredible variety of themes that are developed and his incredible guests.

The Context

The video starts with Joe asking if a certain goat did actually really fall over. He and his guest are talking about Guy Savelli, who is actually really hard to describe. The easiest way could be by saying that he is a fake martial artist, but it's not that simple. You see, Savelli is really special and he completely differs from other bullshido masters. Savelli is all about mind conditioning and its power.
Now, I always like to stay open-minded and not jump to conclusions very easily. May he have developed mental skills to the point that he can kill a living creature just by staring at it? Well, even though I cannot completely deny that there might be a possibility for such a thing happening, however, there's no proof.

What's great is that Savelli taught in a military program in the 90s' and he also has a school in Ohio, called Savelli Dancing & Martial Arts studio, where he still teaches. As you've heard in the video, Savelli still keeps claiming his mental powers, saying that he killed his hamster a week ago.

If you'd like to see Savelli yourself, or just contact him, you can do it on his official website.

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