Jackie Chan Shares Horrible Childhood Martial Arts Routine

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Jackie Chan shares some of his most horrible childhood martial arts regimes on the Jonathan Ross Friday Night Show, and much more.

This video was uploaded by Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on their official YouTube channel.

The interview focuses on many themes, among which are some incredible detail about Jackie Chan's childhood that we want to deepen.
First of all, he was in his mother's womb for 12 months, because his parents didn't have the money to afford to go to the hospital. Life wasn't easy for them, and they weren't really sure if they could afford to raise a child.
In fact, they wanted to sell Jackie to the British. But some friends convinced his father to keep him. His mother was an opium drug dealer and his father was a spy.

Jackie Chan's Horrible Childhood Routine

The School where Jackie Chan went is called Peking Opera School. He entered at the of six years old and stayed for a decade. That's where Jackie also met Samo Hung and Yuen Biao.

Jackie Chan, Samo Hung and Yuen Biao

The regime and rules were very strict.
They woke up at 5 o clock every morning and started with running exercise. Of course, it would be very boring to run normally, so they had to run without moving or bouncing their shoulders. Each student had two cups full of water and if they spilled any water, the teacher was ready to punish them, by whipping them.

Jackie Chan's Childhood

Following, one hour of handstand and after that, kicks and punches training. While performing the forms, the teacher would always stop the students in the most difficult poses and let them stand in it motionless for 20 minutes. Of course, if any mistake was done, punishment wouldn't be skipped.

What is significant about Jackie's testimony, is that he hated it so much, and it wasn't fun at all. Of course, how could it ever be enjoyable being punished for spilling some water out of cups? We're speaking about just as small as 6 or 7 years old, not adults.

Shaolin Kids training

They haven't chosen this lifestyle for themselves, but their parents did, with some interest. This remembers me of a discussion that came out recently on our Facebook Page about the training of Shaolin Kids. In case you're new to this theme, I'll leave you the following article where everything is already explained.


Shaolin Kids Training: Life Lessons or Brutal Manners?

There are so many opinions about this, everybody has their own reasons and arguments.
Of course, there are many benefits, but everything has its cost. If such a lifestyle is something that inspires you, you should do it yourself instead of hiding behind your children and trying to live an experience through them.

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