I Trained Like JACKIE CHAN For 7 Days

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Ever wondered how your favorite martial artists prepare for their performances and what it takes? A young talented fella Jesse Enkamp did, and he trained like Jackie Chan for a whole week. Here are the results.

This video was uploaded by Jesse Enkamp on his official YouTube channel. Jesse has some great content, so make sure to check him out!
The following article is the transcript of the video above.

A young fan trained like Jackie Chan

Jesse Enkamp, a talented young martial artist specializing in Karate, embarks on a seven-day adventure in order to enter a Kung Fu Tournament.
Although he is clearly a martial artist, he never trained nor did Kung Fu. Inspired by Jackie Chan, his childhood hero, Jesse has one week time in order to learn the Drunken Fist, one of the Kung Fu styles that Jackie is famous and beloved for.

I trained like Jackie Chan

The Drunken fist is based on deception, not intoxication. So, that's to say that there's no need to be drunk in order to perform it, even though a glass of wine or a pint of beer might help you relax enough to do those drunk-like moves.

In order to prepare for the competition, Jesse is followed for one day by Jacob, a world Kung Fu expert who explains to him every detail of the Drunken Fist that he needs to learn. After two hours of the Drunken Fist form, they finally managed to browse all of the movements.
After that, it wasn't all. Hard conditioning training was still needed, and it seemed pretty tiring to say the least.

Jackie Chan's drunken fist

After his encounter with Jacob, Jesse proceeded for one week of training alone in the gym. Firstly he struggled to remember all the movements of the form, but thanks to the recording he has done earlier with Jacob, he was fine.
Slowly, step by step, Jesse keeps getting better and better with his training and he finally succeeds in remembering the entire form. Unfortunately, the day before the tournament he injured his shoulder due to excess training.

Jackie Chan as Drunken Master

His mother helps him to recover from his injury, and Jesse gets motivated by observing how Jackie never gives up after all his crazy stunts and injuries. Ultimately, I can say that Jesse not only trained like Jackie Chan but truly embraced Jackie's unbelievable "keep-going" nature.
Finally, he enters the tournament, and...after meeting Jacob there and realizing that had got some movements wrong and that there wasn't enough time to correct them all, Jesse decides to enter the tournament with a really fun strategy.

But that's enough spoilers from me! If you're curious to know how the tournament went, you'll have to watch Jesse's video!
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