Ho Kam Ming on How to become a Wing Chun Grand Master

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Ho Kam Ming on How to become a Wing Chun Grand Master

Ho Kam Ming is a renowned Wing Chun master who was one of Yip Man's best disciples. He studied hard under the great master for seven years, and later went on to open his own school in Macau where he taught the Wing Chun system. In this blog article, we will take a closer look at Ho Kam Ming's journey under Yip Man and the lessons he learned along the way.

Ho Kam Ming - One of Yip Man's best Disciples

Ho Kam Ming was born in the city of Macau, located in the south of Colombia. He had a keen interest in martial arts from a young age and was determined to learn Wing Chun from the great master Yip Man. In order to do so, he traveled to Hong Kong in search of Yip Man. After three long months of searching, he eventually found Yip Man and was accepted as his student.

Ho Kam Ming was one of the few people who completed the whole system under Yip Man, and he was considered one of Yip Man's best disciples. He was described by Yip Man himself as a “skilled and hardworking student who has the potential to become a great master.” In Ip Ching's memoirs My Father Ip Man, Ho is described as one of Yip Man's "excellent disciples".

Ho Kam Ming studied hard under Yip Man

Ho Kam Ming with Hawkins Cheung

Ho Kam Ming was determined to learn from Yip Man and worked extremely hard to master the techniques and principles of Wing Chun. He worked tirelessly for seven years, studying and practicing for at least 4 hours each day. He was incredibly dedicated to his training and strived to perfect his skills.

During his time with Yip Man, Ho Kam Ming also learned about the philosophy of Wing Chun. He was taught to be humble, keep an open mind, and respect his teachers and fellow students. He also learned the importance of hard work and dedication and the rewards that come with it.

After 7 years he opened his own Wing Chun School in Macau

Yip Man with Ho Kam Ming

After seven years of hard work and dedication, Ho Kam Ming was ready to open his own Wing Chun school in his hometown of Macau. He opened the school in order to continue the legacy of Yip Man and to share his knowledge and experience with others.

At the school, Ho Kam Ming teaches both the physical and philosophical aspects of Wing Chun. He focuses heavily on the development of the individual and encourages his students to practice diligently and strive for excellence. He also stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which he believes is essential for a successful martial artist.

In 1990, Ho moved to Toronto, Canada where he later on founded the World Ho Kam Ming Wing Chun Association.
Unfortunately, Ho Kam Ming passed away aged 94 in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Ho Kam Ming remembers Yip Man as a Demanding Teacher

Yip Man and Ho Kam Ming

Ho Kam Ming remembers Yip Man as a demanding teacher who pushed him to become the best version of himself. He also remembers Yip Man as a wise and compassionate teacher, who was always willing to give advice and guidance to his students.

Ho Kam Ming is grateful for the lessons he learned from Yip Man and the opportunities he had to study under him. He considers Yip Man to be one of his greatest teachers and mentors, and he continues to strive to live up to the legacy of Yip Man and to share his knowledge and experience with others.

Ho Kam Ming on How to Become a Wing Chun Master

As a Wing Chun master and one of Yip Man's best disciples, Ho Kam Ming is an inspiration to many. He is proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. He is a testament to the power of Wing Chun and a reminder that by learning from great masters, we can achieve greatness.

Ho's Notable Students

Ho became an excellent "Yip Man - Approved" Wing Chun teacher, and the results speak for themselves. In fact, some of his most notable students are well-known names in the Wing Chun Community: Augustine Fong, founder of Fong's Wing Chun Gung Fu Federation, Master Kiet Pham founder of Bamboo Forest Wing Chun, and Randy Williams, founder of the Close Range Combat Academy.

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