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Hey there, and welcome! Today we've got yet another exciting matchup for you. This time around we'll be venturing into Youtube and pitting two very popular youtube martial arts masters against each other. We're talking about DK Yoo vs Master Wong. They are two of the most popular martial arts vloggers on Youtube. But, with all their martial arts pedigree, how will they fare against each other? Well, we're about to find out, so be sure to watch this one till the end.

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If you haven't heard about Dk Yoo and Master Wong before, here's your chance to meet these two dudes. We'll begin with DK Yoo.

DK Yoo

He is a dashingly handsome young dude with a strong Youtube presence in the martial arts space. DK Yoo has over 568 thousand subscribers and counting. He also has almost a thousand videos on his Youtube channel all focused on various techniques and training methods of the DK Yoo philosophy and system, which is also known as the Warfare Combat System.
According to DK Yoo, he has received training in a variety of martial arts, from Kung Fu to Wushu, Judo to Karate... you name it! Apparently, he's a sort of jack of all trades. He also has experience in track and field, so this is one very athletic dude, as is evident in many of his videos.

DK Yoo cites the most important aspect of his all-around training being the fact that for every martial art he learned he was tutored by an expert in the martial art form. As a result of this, he was able to gain a good grasp of the core philosophy of each martial art. This also helped him appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of each one, leading him to develop his own combat style which he calls the Warfare Combat System or WCS.


DK Yoo Warfare Combat System

For short, DK Yoo was inspired by several people before he fell in love with martial arts. According to him, he got inspiration from a diverse range of people from various walks of life, including dancers, painters, and, of course, martial artists. However, he regards general Yu Dayou from China's Ming Dynasty as his greatest inspiration. General Yu Dayou was not just a martial artist, he was a soldier, a strategist, an inventor, an engineer, a mathematician, and a poet. The man was so many things and that's one of the reasons DK Yoo regards him so highly.

DK Yoo believes as he learned from general Yu Dayou, that if a person receives enlightenment in one principle then they can reach higher levels of achievement in other areas of their lives. General You Dayou epitomized this philosophy and DK Yoo has become a disciple of the same. DK Yoo's expertise in martial arts has taken him to the big screen, although not as an actor. Yoo was the acting supervisor for the 2014 Korean movie Target where he took part in the action planning field, guiding and overall production of the movie. He also trained Ryu Seung Ryong for his role. He did the same thing for the 2013 movie The Suspect where he trained Korean actor Gong Too for his role in the movie.

Master Wong

Just like DK Yoo, Master Wong also has a thriving Youtube channel of his own, but we can safely say that Wong has a much larger audience on Youtube. He's got 2.8 million subscribers on his channel with some 2500 videos. Master Wong is easily one of the most popular martial artists on Youtube. Born on February 12th, 1972, Wong first ventured into martial arts after he got tired of being bullied at school. For him, martial arts was his last resort to learn how he could defend himself against the mean dudes at school.

DK Yoo vs Master Wong

But of course, Wong would later realize that the world of martial arts had so much more to offer him, and so he quickly fell in love with martial arts. Right there in the UK Wong began to train with a Chinese Master. Despite learning so much from his Chinese master, Wong decided that he would learn a lot more if he went to Hong Kong to receive further martial arts education. And that's exactly what he did.


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In his early 20s, Wong spent ample time learning a variety of martial arts techniques from several Chinese Masters. Following these intensive training periods, back in England Wong opened the whole Wan Academy in 1992. The school was situated behind his takeaway shop, and it soon grew in popularity, as many people within the area were interested in learning martial arts. Wong would occasionally travel to China to continue to train under several Chinese masters and improve his martial arts skills. He has produced several martial arts training DVDs for millions of people to learn martial arts from the comfort of their homes. He also serves as a motion capture specialist for several films and tv productions.

DK Yoo vs Master Wong

Now that we're well acquainted with our two fighters, let's get down to business and get into the arena. As always, to decide the outcome of this fight, we'll be judging our fighters across four major categories. These are:

  • Fighting Pedigree
  • Physique
  • Skill
  • Improvisation

For each category, each fighter will be awarded a maximum of 10 points and in the end, the fighter with the higher cumulative points will be declared the winner. Alright, let's begin.

Fighting Pedigree

Both DK Yoo and Master Wong appear to be pretty good martial artists. Going by what we see from their videos, they know their basics well and have clearly received lots of training in their respective martial arts.
While DK Yoo has developed a system of his own which he calls the Warfare Combat System, Master Wong majors in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. But it has to be said, Master Wong looks like the better-trained martial artist of the two, and going by his background story, it's clear to see why so. We'll give 8 points to Master Wong and 6 points to DK Yoo.


The details of the heights and weights of both DK Yoo and Master Wong are sketchy. As such, it's difficult to really compare them without accurate data. That said, DK Yoo seems to be the taller of the two, but Master Wong seems to be more ripped. Nevertheless, both fighters are in peak fighting conditions, but we'll just leave this as a tie: 7 points to both fighters.


While both DK Yoo and Master Wong appear to be highly skilled, it's hard to look beyond Wong. In this department, you have to watch both men execute their stunts to really see the difference, and when you do, it's clear that Wong has the edge in this department. So, 8 points to Master Wong and 7 to Yoo.


This one is pretty hard to tell. You'd have to see both men square up in real combat to tell who'd have the upper hand. Here, with both men reasonably vast in a variety of martial arts forms, we'd expect they'd know the ins and outs of hand-to-hand combat, while also figuring out how to be clever. So we'll leave this one as a tie: 7 points to both fighters for this category.

The verdict and the winner of this fight with a total of 30 points to his opponent's 27 points is Master Wong.
So, do you agree with our verdict? Let us know what you think in the comments section. For us, Wong's fighting pedigree makes all the difference.
Thanks for watching this video till the end, we'll see you next time.

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